In the wake of COVID-19, more and more B2B technology startups are realizing they can save money and boost employee happiness by employing a remote customer service strategy. Many are saving themselves the stress and time commitment of building the infrastructure for a remote team by outsourcing their remote customer service operation using a partner like Bandalier.

An experienced outsourced customer service partner can help you scale your customer service function quickly. Through a rigorous, data-driven interview process, we hire the top 2% based in small towns throughout the US for our customer service roles. Then, we provide them with intensive training in Bandalier University focused on the skills they need to serve your customers.

Of course, you want your remote team to serve as a powerful extension of your in-house team. Here are some of the most important steps you need to take to do that – and how our outsourced customer service reps can help.

  1. OPEN MULTIPLE CHANNELS FOR COMMUNICATION. Because your remote team won’t have the benefit of working together in the same physical location where they can share knowledge and experiences face to face, you’ll need to provide them with options for communicating with each other that help you make sure that everyone is on the same page. Open communication applications like Microsoft Teams or Slack make it possible for team members to collaborate and coordinate efforts and for you to stay in contact with them.
  2. SET THEM UP WITH THE RIGHT TOOLS. You’ll need to provide your outsourced customer service team with systems that optimize workflows and help them deliver a seamless customer experience, wherever they are. Bandalier team members employ powerful, popular customer service tools like Salesforce and Zendesk that leverage a combination of automated processes and 360-degree views of each customer to help them to resolve issues faster.
  3. BUILD A TEAM CULTURE. Hiring individuals with an aptitude for communication skills and critical thinking is just the first step. Encouraging them to be proactive about their own habits and workflows every day – and recognizing team members for their achievements and dedication—is the sure path to greater productivity and customer satisfaction. At Bandalier, our kaizen culture revolves around continuous growth. Whether they’re reducing talk time or increasing customer satisfaction, our teams are working to perfect their workflow.
  4. SET CLEAR, ACHIEVABLE GOALS. Setting performance expectations for your outsourced customer service team keeps them accountable and engaged. By working with your team to set KPIs for metrics like tickets resolved, volume by channel, and first response time, you can be sure that everyone is on the same page. Bandalier customer service reps know that our goal-setting process is deliberate and collaborative.
  5. RECOGNIZE AND REWARD ACHIEVEMENTS. When you make your remote customer service team feel like heroes, they’re more likely to go the extra mile. Bandalier reps also know that good work is recognized with kudos. As part of our kaizen culture, employees who go above and beyond to achieve great results are recognized regularly with shoutouts at weekly meetings, Friday feedback sessions, and awards at monthly meetings. We celebrate significant life events, too, to promote a culture of belonging.

When it comes to managing remote customer service teams – and supporting their success – it makes sense to outsource your remote customer service function to a partner like Bandalier that follows these guidelines with every customer service team we manage.

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