When businesses experience rapid growth, it comes with added pressure on their customer service team. To maintain the same excellent customer service that you’ve always offered, you may need to start scaling your customer service team to meet the needs of your new customers.

However, expanding your team can come with its own challenges. Recruiting and onboarding high-quality talent can be challenging at the best of times.

How can scaling companies avoid the risks of hiring a bad fit, while also avoiding the cost of churn from unsatisfied customers? Should you prepare to hire internally, or connect with an outsourced customer service provider that can ramp up faster?

We created this free playbook to answer these questions by walking you through the four key stages of scaling a successful customer service team.

Download the playbook to discover:

  • The vital steps to prepare for new CS team members
  • Best practices to develop long-term customer success strategies
  • 5 actionable tips to keep in mind after you’ve built your CS team
  • Critical techniques to develop a smooth onboarding workflow as your CS team grows
  • The major differences between hiring internally or outsourcing

Learn how to keep your current and new customers happy while successfully scaling — get your copy of the playbook now!

Scaling Customer Service Teams 101: Your Playbook for In-House & Outsourced Solutions