We’re Hiring!


Our mission at Bandalier is to help connect talent in small to medium size cities throughout the US to lucrative opportunities with some of the fastest growing companies around the world.


Our belief is regardless of where you are located, how much experience you have, or how valuable your personal network is, if you have the right attitude and aptitudes, you should have access to a great career. Bandalier helps by providing in-depth training, continued support from managers and connections with leading tech companies to facilitate this process.


As a Bandalier team member, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in our paid training program through Bandalier University and get placed in a customer-facing role, typically with a growing tech company. Examples of past clients include BlockFi, Cube & Zipline. After your initial deployment, high-performing team members have the opportunity to move into management at Bandalier, get hired directly by their client or pursue a lucrative exit opportunity with one of the other tech clients in our network.


Examples of roles what current team members and alumni have graduated into this past year include:

  • Angelea, hired on by Daybreak as a Business Development Representative 4 months after joining Bandalier
  • DiAnita, promoted to Junior Program Manager 5 months after joining Bandalier
  • Chris, hired on by Nivoda as an Account Executive 8 months after joining Bandalier
  • Destiny, hired on by Heal as a Growth Engagement Specialist 10 months after joining Bandalier
  • Kayla, hired on by Zipline as a Business Consultant 4 months after joining Bandalier


What do our Business Development Associates do?


As a Business Development Associate, you will be matched to one of our clients, where you will conduct outreach alongside a cohort of other associates. Our goal is to fulfill inside sales and/or customer success needs for our clients, and that outreach typically includes cold calling, emailing, and social media prospecting to promote services and/or products on half of them.  Associates go through a paid training program as part of onboarding and you’ll collaborate with your team as you are engaged with our internal development opportunities, company-wide workshops, and sales/customer service training. Then, typically within your first year with Bandalier, pending performance and interest, associates have the opportunity to advance in-house with a client or internally with us here.


At Bandalier, we work fully remote so you can work from home. We have offices in Binghamton, NY, and Richmond, KY, with a hub of local employees, so if you join the team near one of those cities, you’ll have opportunities for in-person events and office space to use if you prefer. 


What we’re looking for: 

  • You have some previous customer-facing experience or want to develop your selling skills
  • You are excited about building a career in sales and business development
  • You want training in selling techniques and a structured work environment
  • You want to be exposed to technology companies and experience startup culture
  • You’re excited by entrepreneurship and the idea of helping build a company from the ground up
  • You don’t need to have any prior sales or customer service experience, though we find that people with experience in retail, hospitality, customer service, door-to-door sales, canvassing, phone banking, or entrepreneurship do particularly well

 What you’ll do: 

  • Prospect new leads for your client via cold or warm outreach through phone, email, and social media
  • Work in a team setting with lots of professional development opportunities
  • Help early-stage companies with sales development and prospecting
  • Build the structures and processes that will help us grow Bandalier

 Work Environment, culture, and benefits: 

  • $30.000 year – Starting salary
  • Fully-remote work environment
  • Paid training
  • 14 days of PTO
  • 14 paid holidays
  • Paid sick leave
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401k plan
Bandalier University


As a new hire, you’ll attend Bandalier University, a best-in-class training academy that teaches the skills you’ll need to succeed in a career in sales or customer service. No matter your level of experience, this intensive, paid two-week program helps you build a skillset that will enable you to become a productive member of your new inside sales or customer service team.

  • Inside Sales 101 – Two-week program that provides a high-level overview of SaaS sales
  • Inside Sales 201 – One-week overview of down-funnel sales
  • Leadership 101 – Introduction to leadership principles and tactics
  • Customer Management 101 – Coming soon! Covers proactive management of current and prospective customers
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Bandalier Alumni Stories


The mission of Bandalier University is to build bright futures. We’re proud of the many stories of team members who began building great careers with us.

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Open a world of opportunities.
Bandalier spreads a wide net across the country in our search for smart and highly motivated candidates. We’re always looking for people with the potential to grow with careers in inside sales and customer success.

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Go from entry-level to experienced.
No experience in sales? No problem. Our recruiting process focuses on characteristics like coachability, strong communication skills, and resilience.

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Enjoy ongoing support that drives continuous improvement.
At Bandalier, our Kaizen value system is at the core of everything we do. It’s a philosophy focused on taking small steps to improve every day.

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Get introduced to world-changing tech start-ups.
We work with some of the world’s most innovative companies, pioneering new products in FinTech, MedTech, and other industries. If there’s a good mutual fit with one of our clients, you’ll have the opportunity to be hired by them directly.

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Find multiple paths upward.
Bandalier team members have the opportunity to progress into our leadership development program, functional roles within Bandalier HQ, or a direct hire path with one of our clients.

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Get paid while you learn.
Before you get to work, you’ll participate in Bandalier’s in-depth training. It’s a program designed to set you up for success with your new company. Even better, you’ll be paid while you’re building a valuable skillset.