Bandalier Use Case:
New Connections for Executive Assistants

outsourced sales team

Accelerating Growth

Bandalier began our partnership with a remote executive assistant firm in mid-2020. We knew our team would need to prepare for a unique challenge. Up until this point, our client had grown exclusively through word-of-mouth referrals. With ambitious growth goals looming, they knew it was time to scale up their outbound sales motion. Over the course of our 6-month program, we helped iterate on their best practices and find new opportunities for their team to expand.

Our client was well aware of the potential challenges that they would face while developing their outbound sales motion. Their ideal customer profile was narrow, and the businesses they wanted to connect with were typically small – with budgets to match. Prospecting cold leads was challenging. Furthermore, they needed to connect with high-level employees at those small businesses. Doing all of this at the height of the COVID lockdowns presented additional challenges.

Testing Techniques

As our client’s internal team prepared to move away from referrals and founder-led sales processes, they knew they would need an outsourced inside sales team to connect with prospective customers. Their internal team was already running above maximum capacity keeping up with referrals. They didn’t have the time to ramp up another internal team member. After a few failed meetings, they knew that traditional sales outsourcing companies wouldn’t meet their needs. They needed an outsourced sales team that would stay nimble, keep pace with them, and iterate on the processes they had already established.

Bandalier’s team dove into the new sales process headfirst. With direction from our client, Bandalier’s new team learned what made their customers tick. However, our outsourced inside sales team needed time to test how those ticks would generate interest on new sales calls.

Our early calls were tough – prospects were hesitant to think that they needed help. Bandalier’s team stayed resilient and kept learning from those experiences. Over time, we tested different types of questions and changed our presentation of information. As we collaborated with our client, we identified which pieces were most impactful for prospects in different roles. As we tested different scripts, our team fought to drive the results they wanted.

Unique Representation

With exhaustive data on the statuses of our conversations, we realized that we needed to test changes to our team. As we considered new candidates, we found an unexpected fit: a member of Bandalier’s leadership team.

Using their experience as an outsourced inside sales representative and entrepreneur, they were able to connect with prospects more frequently. Within their first few weeks, they were meeting and exceeding expectations. After three months of working with our client, Bandalier’s team member received an offer to join the client’s team directly.

Bandalier built an outsourced sales team to support our client’s growth as they transitioned away from founder-led sales.