Employment Solutions:
How Bandalier is helping a large staffing company with highly targeted prospecting.

Lead Generation Work is Time Consuming - and Expensive

​Dan Mori, President of Employment Solutions, is all too familiar with the struggle of finding a cost-effective way of increasing his company’s sales output: “When you look at sales in our (staffing) industry, salespeople are very highly compensated – it’s typically a very expensive function of the business. So, when you have a very expensive function of the business doing prospecting work, which is very time consuming, you’re really not getting the best utilization or return on investment out of that position.”

Finding an Affordable and Highly Qualified Outsourced Team

Employment Solutions made the decision to focus on outsourcing the top of the funnel prospecting and lead generation so that their salespeople could play to their strengths: selling in front of prospective clients. Dan ultimately chose to work with Bandalier because we offered him the ability to build a strong relationship with our team—to direct the course of their prospecting work so they could set qualified appointments for his salespeople. Bandalier’s philosophy is that outsourced inside sales teams work best when they are in constant communication with clients and have the autonomy to collaborate directly with them, rather than being hidden behind layers of internal management.

Dan greatly appreciated the personalized approach Bandalier takes when working with our clients.

“The team really took the time to learn about what Employment Solutions’ goals were for growth, and they built out a customized prospecting plan that fit the staffing industry, unlike many other outsourced SDR companies that provide one-size-fits-all solutions.”

Quick Feedback Loops ➔ Quick ROI

Dan was also appreciative of how, initially, he didn’t have to commit to every part of our sales program at once. He was offered the option of a starter package and was able to try out the process of working with Bandalier for three months.

The sales representative Dan worked with scheduled meetings for Employment Solutions, and he was able to hear recordings of the conversations that led to each meeting. Because of the visibility Bandalier provided regarding what our team was actively testing and working on, Dan’s team was able to make course corrections based on their knowledge of the industry and expertise, and this led to them seeing a return on investment within a short timeframe.

Building a Dedicated Team

After this experience Dan decided to scale the program: “Because the original rep was only able to work with Bandalier part-time, I was actually provided with the opportunity to be a part of the process of choosing who would be the best full-time rep on Bandalier’s team for Employment Solutions. The chance to do that was pretty special.”

Dan ultimately decided to work with an inside sales representative with several years of experience.

​“We’ve done outsourcing before, but I’ve never actually had one of my outsourced SDR reps actually brand themselves as an Employment Solutions rep with their LinkedIn and actually dive into the industry. Brittany looked at industry publications, blogs, websites, etc. and then created posts for her LinkedIn about staffing. She really poured herself into knowing my industry, which was amazing.”

A Memorable Experience

The most notable experience working with us for Dan was when he was taking a last-minute trip to Dallas and reached out to Bandalier, unexpectedly, for highly targeted prospecting work.

“I said, ‘Hey, I happen to be in Dallas so if you could get me a meeting with one of these companies from this list, on this day and this day, that would be great.’ It was such a targeted request and Brittany pulled it off—she scheduled an amazing meeting with a great client that we were actually able to acquire and share our services with. So, the experience working with Bandalier has been fantastic—it’s been great.”
- ​Dan Mori, President of Employment Solutions