Building a Beautiful Outsourced Inside Sales Team

outsourced inside sales team

Natural Growth and New Needs

Bandalier partnered with GlossGenius in the summer of 2022 to build their talent-focused outsourced inside sales team. GlossGenius was growing rapidly – but they needed some extra person-power to kickstart their sales engine.

GlossGenius is designed to empower beauty and wellness entrepreneurs. Their all-in-one software makes it easy to do … everything. Whether it’s payment processing, appointment scheduling, or inventory tracking, GlossGenius’ streamlined, all-in-one software makes it a breeze for beauty professionals to access the data they need. They balance an instant solution with highly-customizable features to deliver a platform that’s perfect for any entrepreneur in an aesthetically-focused industry.

Beauty professionals put their clients first – GlossGenius does the same. They’re hyper-focused on delivering perfect experiences to their entrepreneurs. Their passion shines through in every experience you have with their team. GlossGenius’ app is a delight to use, and thanks to their hard work, they’ve seen incredible natural growth. But they wanted to make sure every user was getting the most out of their platform.

That’s where Bandalier came in. As we prepared to launch our partnership, we knew that finding the right team members would be crucial. Bandalier’s team members would be key players in the construction of GlossGenius’ outsourced inside sales team. We know that it takes a special skill set to meet the challenges of building a new sales team.

Building an Inside Sales Team

Fortunately, Bandalier’s outsourced inside sales teams are ready to do exactly that. Our data-driven recruiting process helps us connect with incredible team members who are ready to take the next step in their careers. On their first day of Bandalier University training, we ask team members to complete an intake form. Team members share their career goals, preferred workplace culture, and current strengths. Similarly, as we prepare to launch new teams, clients complete their own intake forms. They share more details on their priorities for the team – everything from the qualities they prioritize in their team members to their favorite non-work topics. GlossGenius knew exactly what skills their team needed, and Bandalier was prepared to search for them.

We didn’t have to look far – we had two great fits who were ready to take on the challenge. First was Laura Horton, a long-time team member. She joined us as an inside sales representative before moving into a customer success role and becoming a keystone member of our largest team. When GlossGenius came on board, we knew it was the perfect opportunity for her to take the next step in her career. Next was Meghan Berke. She was new to our team and eager to use her past sales and customer success experience to take her career in a new direction. Together, they built an incredible, adaptable team.

Their first few weeks had a steep learning curve. Laura and Meghan leaned on each other and the GlossGenius team to learn everything they could as quickly as they could. Fortunately, both team members were familiar with the field. Meghan had past experience in the wellness industry, and Laura’s family works in the beauty industry.

Breaking Into Beauty & Wellness

Working together, they started reaching out to GlossGenius’ customers. These entrepreneurs were always busy – but ready to take whatever help they could get. Before long, Laura and Meghan were in constant, friendly competition with each other. They played to each others’ strengths and found areas for improvement. Within their first six weeks, they were so successful that they nearly broke Bandalier’s gong channel!

As they built confidence, they built up their momentum. With plenty of successful conversations under their belts, Laura and Meghan expanded their outreach. They started running demonstrations of GlossGenius’ platform, encouraging users to change the way they interacted with the platform. Introducing demonstrations brought them to a new level of success. As Jeremy learned during the sales process,

“I remember early on in the process, someone mentioned that seeing the product in action is key. The customer base is so visual – being able to walk them through it in a simple way, that also demonstrates the value it can add, and what a nice experience it is to use, is super important.”

With engagement rising and new registrations coming in fast, Laura and Meghan’s days were packed. Between demos, scheduled calls, and outreach to new users, they always had new questions from GlossGenius’ customers. Using the open feedback loop they built with the GlossGenius team and Bandalier’s coaching program, they used those questions to improve their sales process.

With their outbound process proven out, GlossGenius wanted to keep iterating on it, and they wanted Laura and Meghan’s help. At the end of 2022, only a few months after the program began, both of them accepted offers to become GlossGenius’ first inside sales representatives.