Grey Matter:
How Bandalier is helping a fast-growing MSP win deals.

It all started with a cold call.

​James LaFond, founder of Grey Matter IT, receives dozens of phone calls every week. Based in Connecticut, James and his team at Grey Matter have spent 20 years developing a reputation as one of the top MSPs (Managed Service Providers) in the tri-state area. Between the spam e-mail and the automated cold calls, James often has to weed through his messages and screen calls from the countless number of vendors looking to work with Grey Matter. But when Renee Potter, a Bandalier team member reached out to James, he took the time to listen.

“The way she articulated herself took me by surprise, so I was open ears. A few minutes into the conversation I realized this person could really be a good resource for my business.” James was immediately drawn to Bandalier’s prospect research and industry knowledge. “The Bandalier team I spoke with were well orchestrated in terms of how they were planning on delivering leads to us. They were also very well-spoken and highly educated, all essential components in my eyes to creating quality leads in a highly competitive market.”

A different approach to lead generation.

What set Bandalier apart from other inside sales companies James worked with in the past was its approach to lead generation.

“They seemed to have an approach, how they go about picking and choosing their potential leads… I remember somebody mentioning ‘even if it doesn’t end up being a potential client they could be a good referral source for us.’ Those are some of the details that caught my ear when we spoke the first few times.”

When Grey Matter began its work with Bandalier, our client delivery team ingested a set of lead parameters – identified by James – that made prospects a good fit. Any leads outside a specific geographic radius or below a certain size were excluded from Bandalier’s outreach. From there, Bandalier’s lead generation team began constructing carefully curated lists of leads that fit the bill. These were designated for outreach via multi-channel cadences that include cold calls, personalized e-mails, and social media contacts.

An extension of the in-house team.

While it has only been a few months, James considers Bandalier’s team an extension of his own.

“[Renee] cares a lot about the business as if it were her own, as if she works for me directly. She’s a couple hundred miles away but I feel like we know each other. There’s a level of trust there and I know that she’s doing what she set out to get done for us, which is driving sales and driving new leads.”
- James LaFond, Founder of Grey Matter IT