How Bandalier is helping an Iceland-based software company penetrate the U.S. market.

Choosing the Right Outsourced Sales Team

​Jói Sigurdsson’s initial search for outsourced inside sales talent for CrankWheel, an Iceland-based software company providing a tool for screen sharing for sales teams, was to no avail – the agencies he found had out-dated business models. Then, one day, thanks to a comment made on Reddit, he learned about Bandalier.

“Someone had commented that Bandalier was working with a lot of B2B and SaaS kind of companies and getting good results, and that was really the reason why I decided to further look into working with their team–they seemed like a good fit.”

Consistent Feedback Loops

Originally, Jói and his co-founder were the only two people on CrankWheel’s sales team, so when they made the transition to working with a larger, outsourced team, Bandalier’s built-in structure proved beneficial to increasing their knowledge as well as simplifying the entire management process.

“Bandalier’s team was well-equipped to generate leads and conduct other prospecting work – they did a great job, especially Lydia who was selected by Bandalier to work closely with our team.”

“There were a few early demos that were with smaller companies that CrankWheel didn’t want to focus on, but Bandalier’s team adjusted to our expectations and needs pretty quickly. During 30-minute phone calls and video meetings, we discussed what was working and what was not, in addition to providing resources regarding our services. Bandalier’s team then created a sales pitch that I thought was really, really well done.”

Courteous - and Persistent

Soon after expectations were clarified, Bandalier’s team started scheduling an influx of demos with well-qualified prospects: “The prospects were ready for the call, which was great. They knew enough about CrankWheel already that I didn’t have to spend too much time ensuring that they would benefit from our product.”

And Bandalier’s team was in continual communication with CrankWheel’s, ensuring feedback was received and results were delivered:
“We were in regular communication with Bandalier’s team, and after every demo we used a feedback form provided to make comments about anything that went well or could have gone better. Lydia was very quick to adjust to whatever feedback we had.”

​It wasn’t long before she’d earned the team’s trust.

Photo Credit: Leifur Wilberg
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“She just did a fantastic job of being courteous while also being persistent.”
- ​Jói Sigurdsson, Founder / CEO - CrankWheel