Iterating on Operations: FinLocker

Bandalier Case Study

Bandalier partnered with FinLocker in early 2022 to fill a gap in their team during a phase of dramatic growth. During our partnership, both teams had the opportunity to grow together.

A Time of Unprecedented Change

The 2020s have brought along plenty of unprecedented changes. As part of that, many folks are reevaluating how they think about money. Whether they’re looking to build better financial habits or improve their eligibility for a mortgage, FinLocker’s financial fitness app is a popular choice. FinLocker empowers consumers to make informed financial decisions by providing the tools and resources they need to monitor their credit, improve their financial health and grow their wealth. You can learn more by reviewing a self-service demo or scheduling a personal consultation with FinLocker’s team.

When we started our partnership, it was an opportunity for both teams to refine some operational processes. FinLocker was experimenting with outsourced talent; Bandalier was expanding into a new product offering. Bandalier began with a focus on outsourced sales teams, especially cold outbound sales programs. Over time, we experimented with warmer sales programs, outsourced customer service, and customer success teams. With each experiment, we iterated on our data-driven interview process, making tweaks to isolate the qualities that helped candidates succeed in different roles.

Finding the Right Team Member

FinLocker needed a team member who could jump across different functions. We found a great fit with Erin! She jumped into her customer-facing role head-first and quickly grew into her role with FinLocker’s team. She initially focused on responding to customer questions, but quickly expanded her tasks as she grew comfortable and expanded her product knowledge. Erin has exemplified Bandalier’s commitment to kaizen throughout her time with us.

Overall, the time Bandalier saved was what Finlocker’s SVP of Customer Experience, Chris Hazen, found most helpful:

“We’re still a small team. The time needed to recruit, interview, and onboard customer service reps is just too taxing. There’s a lot of value in Bandalier being able to vouch for people. Erin was ready to go as soon as we started and hungry for training. It saved us 2-3 weeks of onboarding time. We love having someone like Erin as part of our team, and it’s great to coach someone up as part of a partnership.”

If you’re tight on time and need to build a team of ambitious professionals, reach out to Bandalier – we’re ready to help.