How Bandalier is helping grow one of America’s largest online brokerages

A West Coast Story


Since 2005, Movoto Real Estate has worked to provide real estate agents with lead generation as well as a comprehensive platform for home buyers and sellers. Today, Movoto is the second largest online real estate brokerage in the US, and is rapidly expanding to brick-and-mortar locations in Nevada and California. To aid in this growth, they’ve enlisted Bandalier.

​Ernesto Pineda is Movoto’s Inside Sales Manager, and has been working closely with Bandalier’s team since the inception of our partnership. Though he’s based thousands of miles away in Movoto’s headquarters in San Mateo, CA, Ernesto is in daily communication with his Bandalier team via Slack, e-mail, text and the occasional Zoom call.

Keeping The Message Tight

One of Ernesto’s initial concerns was that Bandalier’s team, based in Binghamton, NY, would experience disconnect with the California and Nevada agents they were prospecting.

“I wouldn’t say I was skeptical about outsourced sales; more like nervous that our message wouldn’t come across or it would get lost.”
Because of the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of real estate, it was important to Ernesto that his outsourced sales team would be able to keep up.

​“When you’re working across the country you do worry about the communication, but the team has been great about communicating with us about demos they booked, reporting on their results. Whether it’s over email or texting me, they’re always on top of that. And I always try to give them feedback and give them praise.”

A Rapidly Expanding Team

Despite the distance, Movoto has formed close relationships with the reps, a team that has grown from one part-timer to multiple full-time and part-time employees in mere months. When the Movoto team visited Binghamton this past April, the relationship between the two companies solidified.

“I think one of the most important things for any business is to have a team that really believes in what they’re doing. And the Bandalier team’s energy is great."
- ​Ernesto Pineda, Inside Sales Manager