Use Case: Growing Fast with an Outsourced Customer Service Team

outsourced customer success team


Scaling Customer Success

“Customer experience is something that you’re either passionate about or not. It was hard for us to find people who were passionate about customer experience and our brand. We couldn’t take the time to focus on longevity and create a long-term customer experience strategy. We were stuck in a cycle of being a little behind on emails, and not much was stable.”

Our client needed to quickly add capacity to their customer success team. In the past, they’d met customers’ needs with fractional assistance from different team members. However, as their customer base grew, so did their demands for service. With just one team member dedicated to improving their customers’ experiences and an ever-growing customer base, they needed more help – but finding the right people was tough


Outsourced Customer Success

They reached out to Bandalier for help. In the fall of 2022, their leadership team met to discuss their options for building an outsourced customer success team. They prepared an outline of their needs and began interviewing potential vendors. After meeting with Bandalier’s CEO, Jeremy Ruch, they knew they had found the company to partner with. Our teams’ cultures are closely aligned: everyone is looking for opportunities to grow.


Rapid Ramp & Happy Customers

Within three weeks, we had two team members ready to launch into their new roles. They ramped up fast. In the past, our client often had to repeat things during training, spending three to six months waiting for team members to ramp up to full productivity. Thanks to the support of Bandalier’s Program Manager, our client only has to introduce a topic once. Our team finds new ways to review the material and ensure that her team has a solid grasp of it. During their weekly personalized coaching sessions, Bandalier’s team has time to ask questions and explore the topic in full. With support from both teams, our outsourced customer success team was fully ramped up by the end of their first month.

Bandalier’s outsourced customer success team provides a personalized, high-touch experience for each of our client’s customers. Within our team’s first two weeks, they were consistently ahead of pace in resolving inbound inquiries. Response times have decreased each month, and our team has grown with their client to meet a wider variety of customers’ needs.

One of our newest clients delivers feminine care products powered by naturally-derived ingredients. With a focus on wellness, education, and connection, they’ve seen tremendous growth over the past few years. As their customer base expanded, their team needed to add more capacity – and fast. That’s where Bandalier’s outsourced customer success team came in.