Overwhelmed with Opportunity: BRD

Bandalier Case Study

In the initial stages of their company, they hired part-time sales development reps, but once they were up and running, they needed far more help. The company lacked the internal resources to deal with the quantity of outbound and sales qualification calls.

Out with the Wrong Leads, In with the Right Ones

Brent Traidman, Senior VP of Sales at BRD, spoke to a business leader who recommended Bandalier. His company was in a similar place as BRD in terms of growth, fundraising, and revenue, but after working with Bandalier, they’d started handling a much greater quantity of opportunities each month—exactly what BRD was looking for.

BRD approached Bandalier, and a professional partnership was born. Bandalier now provides daily outbound and inbound sales development in their target markets, with a focus on getting quality opportunities through the funnel. This entails conducting introductory calls and qualifying opportunities for sales.

As a direct result of Bandalier’s contributions, BRD now receives three to five appointments per week for their sales executives, with Bandalier responding to inbound inquiries and filtering out unqualified leads so they can be nurtured more. After all, it’s just as important to bring in the right leads as it is to keep away the wrong ones.

The Power to Ramp Up

Brent Traidman says he found the team at Bandalier, “Very professional, particularly in their coordination of resources, effort, time, and the cadence of updates about where BRD is as a company.”

He likes Bandalier’s dashboard, finds it pleasant to look at, and says the Bandalier team is always very willing to help out whenever they need it. In terms of marketing, whether his team needs help with automation requests or getting specific metrics, the Bandalier team is prompt, friendly, and has a customer-first approach.

Brent’s advice, “If you’re at a stage in your company’s growth where you lack the management resources to build out and manage your own sales development or business development staff, then Bandalier is a great solution that will enable you to ramp up and get a lot more activities on top of your funnel. If you’re an early-stage company, you can generate a lot of activity from inbound and outbound sales without having to bring someone onboard full time, along with hiring other people to manage them. Just talk to Bandalier.”