How Bandalier is helping a fast-growing MSP win deals.

Sales People Can Be Hard to Come By.

Drew Lacock, founder of Triple Cities Network Solutions, gets most of his business through word of mouth. “We’ve worked really hard to build incredibly strong customer relationships. That’s paid off repeatedly in the form of referrals that have helped grow our business.”

Outbound sales, historically, has been a less successful channel. “It’s almost impossible to find well-trained, qualified sales people in this area. We hadn’t been able to make it work.” In early 2018, Drew heard about Bandalier – a company that provided tech companies and MSPs with on-demand inside sales teams. “I was skeptical that we could get an outbound sales team to work, but I got a pretty good vibe from the salespeople I met and they seemed really well trained in outbound sales techniques, so I was willing to give it a try.”

Learning the value prop - and then selling it.

A sales manager and multiple inside sales reps spent weeks with Drew and his team to nail down Triple Cities’ value proposition. “We went into a lot of detail in the onboarding process on how we fit into the local landscape and how we position ourselves to prospective clients.” Bandalier’s sales operations and management teams began drafting e-mail templates and talk tracks, with Drew’s feedback. After a couple of weeks in onboarding, the team began e-mail and phone outreach to a list of leads specifically developed by Bandalier’s sales operations team based on Triple Cities’ target audience.

“It was a pretty collaborative process. I was surprised at how quickly the team was able to get going.” Within a few weeks, a new lead notification came through in Drew’s inbox: one of the area’s largest professional services companies was looking for a new tech provider, and Drew had a meeting booked with an operations manager. “That’s when I started to believe this could work.”

ROI within months.

MSPs typically have long sales cycles, and Drew had realistic expectations going in. “We met weekly with the Bandalier team, and I’d regularly get feedback from them on how outbound was going. It felt like every week they were picking up momentum.” He’d regularly review the Sisense-powered analytics dashboard to get real-time feedback on which lists and channels were performing best. “The numbers showed that it was hard to reach decision makers in the companies we were targeting – but when the team was talking to them, they were getting great traction in terms of getting people to meetings.”

When the first Bandalier-sourced meeting closed a couple of months after the start of the engagement, the team was ecstatic.

"I remember saying to the team, 'Now you guys are paying for yourselves!'. They seemed as happy as I was that we'd reaped the rewards of all their hard work."
- Drew Lacock, Founder of Triple Cities Network Solutions