Bandalier Use Case:
Outsourced Teams Drive In-House Adoption

outsourced teams

New Challenges for the Bandalier Team

When we partnered with a fast-growing consumer healthcare company at the end of 2021, we prepared our team members for a new type of challenge. Our new client was looking for a conversion team to drive increased adoption of their product, which facilitates doctor house calls for vulnerable populations. With all of the changes that 2020 brought, discussing healthcare came with unique hurdles. Our team cleared them with ease.

Building the Best Team

When Bandalier builds outsourced teams, we start our matching process with a discussion of priorities. We ask clients what skills their team members will need to bring them success. In this case, we needed folks who could empathize and build strong relationships with consumers. Our team needed to be persuasive and patient, with great rapport-building skills. The traditional sales skills we screen for, such as persistence, wouldn’t be as helpful here.

Then, we started considering candidates. Using our data-driven recruiting process, we created a shortlist of resilient team members with stellar communication skills. As those team members progressed through Bandalier University, we evaluated the skills that are harder to measure in interviews. How do they implement feedback? Is their rapport-building effective? Are they effectively implementing active listening skills? Can they adapt and include new techniques easily? Throughout the training process, we identify team members’ unique strengths and use those strengths to finalize their pairing with clients. Within two weeks, our first two team members were ready to hit the phones.

They quickly found success. Following some training with their in-house counterparts, our team made their first calls. By their third week on the program, they had ramped up to full productivity. They averaged 200 calls per week, with a mix of written follow-ups thrown in for good measure. Working closely with their client’s internal team, Bandalier’s team members tested and tweaked their sales process. When the program began, 5% of our teams’ calls resulted in new customers adopting the product. Within their first month, the changes they made increased their successful call rate to 10%.


Learning, Connecting, and Going In-House

What drove their growth? Shared learning. As Bandalier builds outsourced teams, our goal is to develop a talent partnership. We want to build teams that grow with our clients. To support their team’s growth, our program managers develop custom training plans for each of their reps. In this case, Bandalier’s program manager met with the client frequently to complete call audits, discuss the team’s progress, and align on key initiatives for upcoming training sessions. For this team, building consultative relationships with their prospective patients was key. Our program manager helped the team hone their active listening skills in training, and led group sessions to help the team practice communicating with empathy.

With the process proven out, our team of outsourced inside sales representatives grew from 2 team members in the winter to 5 in the spring. As new team members jumped on board, they learned from their colleagues’ experience and ramped up to full productivity over their first month on the program. By implementing these techniques, our second cohort was able to ramp up to full productivity within two weeks of hitting the phones.

After only three months, one of our team members was hired to join the client’s internal team. Soon, the team’s successful call rate crept over 10%. Thanks to their hard work, they were able to connect with hundreds of patients over the course of a few months. Creating successful outcomes for their client helped the team find their own success – over six months, five team members received an offer to go in-house with their client. They maintained their momentum as an internal team and continued driving success with their client.