How Outsourced BDRs Support Your In-House Team

Developing an effective sales team can eat up countless hours. Perfecting the balance between an efficient and innovative sales process can take months or even years. Even finding business development representatives (BDRs) that can successfully connect with new clients is no small task. Outsourcing is becoming a popular option for speeding up the process. Incorporating outsourced talent can boost sales, increase profits, and even set up your in-house representatives for greater success. Let’s talk about how outsourced BDRs can support your in-house team.

A Solution to the “Promotion Problem” 

Entry-level sales positions have a notoriously high turnover rate. As new BDRs gain expertise, the skilled individuals often navigate upwards to other positions in no time. This built-in career development structure leaves you with an impressive pool of expert account executives or customer success managers—but it also means it can be difficult to hold on to talented BDRs that expand your client base. As a result, filling BDR positions can often become a costly cycle of interviewing, training, and promoting.  

Outsourcing presents a unique solution. The outsourcing partner you choose handles it all, from hidden-talent seeking to specialized training. At Bandalier, our process allows you to dodge the pricey recruitment cycle and skip straight to integrating highly-trained BDRs into your sales team. So, what if the representative quickly excels and moves to a higher position? No problem. Another qualified, outsourced BDR is ready to fill it. By cutting the hiring hassle, outsourcing minimizes fluctuation in lead volume and allows your in-house sales team to focus on turning leads into loyal clients. 

Added Flexibility 

Streamlined hiring from outsourcing bolsters your company’s flexibility. First, it gives you the ability to easily scale your sales team as needed. For businesses in seasonal industries, this flexibility is an invaluable way to limit employee turnover while increasing sales. 

Outsourcing also empowers business owners to seize time-sensitive expansion opportunities. As an example, let’s say your team has seen unparalleled success within the past couple of months and has an immediate need to expand sales operations. Outsourcing enables you to incorporate additional BDRs on the fly. It also allows your company to experiment with different development tactics that require varying levels of manpower. When done right, outsourcing increases your control of your sales. If it’s a great fit for your company, this flexible fix can also be translated into a long-term solution. At Bandalier, after working with outsourced talent, we offer you the opportunity to hire representatives to stay on your in-house team

New Tactics

When it comes to business development, the greater the outreach, the better. Today, outreach focuses on connecting with customers in as many ways as possible. With only 21% of customers preferring cold calls as an outreach method, expanding to alternatives such as social selling is necessary to keep your sales force in ship-shape. If you find that your sales are stagnating, it might be time to get a fresh perspective and try some new tactics.

New outsourced BDRs come with new portfolios. An outsourced BDR will likely come from a different background than your current sales team. They can contribute new skills and bring fresh perspectives to the table. This isn’t just a recipe for a single BDR’s success; sharing and utilizing additional sales tactics is a surefire way to expand your entire in-house team’s book of knowledge and boost overall success. 

Expert Perspectives

Training is everything. The most effective outsourced BDRs bring advanced skills to the job from the get-go. Especially for smaller companies that have less sales experience, a BDR with expert training can be a game-changer. Driven by continual improvement, outsourced reps have the ability to help you streamline your sales process and polish up your methods of connecting with potential customers. The benefit of a highly-trained BDR – whether they’re at your company for a month or a year – can permanently motivate and shape your in-house sales team. 

BDRs Built for You 

At Bandalier, we know that outsourcing is all about supporting your company’s vision. That’s why our team members think of themselves as an extension of your in-house team

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