Bandalier Use Case: Outsourced Customer Success

outsourced customer service and success


Growing Fast, Hiring Slow

After a period of explosive growth, this FinTech company’s team was nearly overwhelmed. All of their new customers had questions, and they were tough to satisfy. The team was pressed for time. They needed more hands on deck to meet their ambitious growth goals. 

With their team already running at maximum capacity, making time for interviews was challenging. Onboarding and training new team members was even harder. They needed talent that could ramp up fast and start helping their customers succeed.


Ready to Ramp CS Teams

Bandalier was there to help. Within three weeks of our first meeting, our new outsourced customer success team was ready to hit the phones. After completing Bandalier University together, our five new team members quickly integrated with their new client’s existing workflows. As our team acclimated to their new roles, new customers kept coming in. Before long, our client’s internal team was once again pressed for time.

At the end of our first month of calls, our client asked how long it would take to build a team of twenty. Bandalier’s recruiting team moved fast to build three incredible cohorts of new team members. Seven weeks later, our team of twenty was operating at full capacity. 


Happier Customers and Continuous Growth

Our client’s customer satisfaction scores immediately skyrocketed. Reply times decreased, and the number of tickets resolved per representative increased. Call queues became a thing of the past. Bandalier’s team helped codify existing best practices and shared tips widely to help every part of the client’s team run more smoothly.

Thanks to our team’s hard work, our outsourced customer success representatives had the opportunity to branch into new roles with our client. We began with KYC and AML compliance, and Bandalier’s team once again made quick impacts. Our team members increased accuracy while decreasing wait times, increasing satisfaction for our client’s customers. Shortly after, our team began handling escalated calls, addressing customer concerns about security. Other team members began working on customer success initiatives, helping our client’s customers explore new service offerings.

When your customer base is growing fast, your customer service team has to grow faster. Bandalier’s outsourced customer service and customer success teams are built to ramp up with our clients. If your customer-facing teams need more capacity, contact us today.

Scaling Customer Service Teams 101: Your Playbook for In-House & Outsourced Solutions

After a period of explosive growth, this FinTech company’s team needed more hands on deck to meet its ambitious growth goals. Bandalier’s outsourced customer service and success teams added the capacity our client needed to maintain their growth.