We love answering this question! When we meet people for the first time, this is one of the most common starting questions. In short, we hire, train, and deploy untapped talent onto growing customer-facing teams. We build outsourced customer success, customer service, sales, and operational teams to help small businesses hit their ambitious goals. Here’s how we do it:


We’ve shared the details of our recruiting process in past posts. But before we can hire anyone, we have to connect with them.

Recruiting begins with a location-based search. Talent is located in tons of places – but opportunities aren’t always local. To solve that mismatch, Bandalier recruits team members from all corners of America, with a particular focus on small towns. 

Once we’ve connected with the right candidates, we evaluate them throughout our data-driven interview process. We periodically analyze our interview data, adjusting our evaluation processes to prioritize questions and responses that are most indicative of long-term success. Intriguingly, our most predictive question isn’t a question at all – it’s the questions that the applicant asks us. 


After a candidate passes our interview process, they join our team. All of our team members start off in Bandalier University, our intensive two-week training boot camp, to develop strong foundational skills.

Training begins with onboarding. After meeting our Learning and Development team, new team members dive into our self-service training modules. They start by practicing key skills that will drive success on any customer-facing team, such as active listening, before diving into industry-specific training for their future role. For team members moving forward with our sales training, that means learning best practices for speaking with gatekeepers, tailoring your pitch, and more. Team members who focus on our customer service and customer success training practice de-escalation techniques, problem-solving tips, and best practices for engaging with customers.

As team members learn new concepts and reinforce their understanding with interactive educational materials, they meet with their peers to practice those new skills. We take new team members through a ton of different roleplays, but we keep it fun, too. Games that help new team members build their confidence are popular – debates can be surprisingly fierce!

We evaluate our team’s skills as they progress through Bandalier University. Much like our interview process, our training evaluations are data-driven. We surface team members’ strengths and identify areas that need improvement. Our Learning and Development team then creates unique coaching plans for each team member based on their aptitudes. As we consider different opportunities for new team members, we prioritize pairing them with roles that play to their strengths. At the same time, we make sure they have room to grow in their roles. Our commitment to kaizen means that we help our team members continually develop deeper understandings of their roles alongside new skills.


Once our team members have completed Bandalier University, they dive headfirst into a new role. They’ll keep learning and growing alongside your team. Here are a few examples of the ways our team can help:

End-to-end Sales Programs

Our team of sales experts is ready to help you grow. From designing new strategies to expanding your lead gen process to augmenting your existing sales motion, our teams are ready to help you grow faster.

Outsourced Inside Sales Representatives

Outsourced inside sales teams were Bandalier’s first program offering. You can read about the factors that played into our company’s development on our blog; in short, our CEO wanted to solve a problem that he experienced first-hand. There are plenty of pains that come with trying to build a sales team. Bandalier makes the experience painless.

Our work begins with candidate selection. When considering team members for sales roles, we prioritize stellar communicators who demonstrate coachability, curiosity, and resilience. Sales is tough and ever-changing. Your team members will be ready to adapt and explore new strategies with you.

Resilience is one of the most important qualities for inside sales representatives. They face constant rejection and have to bounce back from it within minutes. That’s why all of Bandalier’s new team members participate in our Charity Calling Project. Asking strangers if we can make a donation in their name is the perfect challenge to help our team members work through call reluctance early. Team members who excel in our Charity Calling Project become top performers in outsourced sales programs.

Outsourced Business Development Representatives

Business development and inside sales representatives often lean on similar skill sets. Both roles involve a lot of conversations with new leads. In many cases, Bandalier’s outsourced business development representatives focus on moving leads to the middle of the sales funnel. They’ll build strong relationships and find new growth opportunities that support your goals.

Business development representatives need a slightly different skill set to help them connect with mid-funnel prospects. We look for team members with plenty of resilience, amazing active listening skills, and a natural curiosity. When you need to build relationships in short conversations, asking questions is a key driver of success. 

Outsourced Operational Roles

Outsourced operational associates can help meet a wide variety of business needs. When your team is focused on ambitious ramp goals, it can be tough to make time for interviews. We’ve helped companies like Finlocker stay ahead of the curve during periods of high growth.

Since operational assistants are likely to pick up a wide range of responsibilities, we prioritize organization and adaptability when we consider potential team members. Strong communication skills are a must, but they look a bit different for each operational role. During our matching process, we’ll dive deep to understand your needs and priorities, and make sure your Bandalier team member is prepared to help you hit your goals.

Outsourced Customer Success Teams

Building a strong customer success team is integral for any growing business. With product-led growth driving widespread success, the need for adaptable teams that can sell to your existing customer base is greater than ever. Bandalier’s outsourced customer success teams are built to meet that need.

Our team members love building relationships. After learning key customer-facing skills in Bandalier University, they’ll jump onto your team and leverage those skills to connect with your customers. In our experience, customer success teams perform best when highly skilled team members utilize a blend of sales and customer service skills. For example, asking great questions helps your team understand customer needs and experiences.

Supply Partnerships: Projects, Surveys, and Market Research

Bandalier’s supply partnership programs are designed to collect data. Whether that means calling organizations to ask about current service providers or starting a new research campaign, our team is poised to ask questions and deliver insights. As they contact the groups you’ve specified, they’ll collect key pieces of data and share extra points of feedback. As you meet with your Program Manager, they’ll share updates on the team’s progress and highlight intriguing data patterns from their experiences.


Bandalier’s goal is to connect fast-growing companies with untapped talent. Contact us to discuss how our outsourced teams will help you hit your ambitious growth goals.