We recently had a conversation with Bandalier Alum Angelea Brown where we discussed her career before coming to Bandalier, experiences she had with us, and her current role. 

“In the dark days when March of 2020 came around … hospitality wasn’t looking so stable. I was looking for a new job, but I didn’t end up finding Bandalier until late 2021.Angelea’s story is emblematic of many of our team members’ experiences. Much like our Junior HR lead, Kaitlyn Chandler, Angelea joined our team with experience in the hospitality industry. Her past roles were geared towards helping her sales managers follow up on existing opportunities – not creating new ones. She had picked up a handful of sales skills, but the idea of selling SaaS products was new.

“This was my first time reaching out to target prospects directly. It wasn’t hard; it was more like I needed to refocus and change the way I approach calling people. Calling for millennials isn’t a common thing. We’d rather text. Even email is on the downhill. BandalierU was a great foundation, and it helped me so much.”

Angelea’s sales skills developed quickly – she joined our team in September, and started working with Daybreak in October, right after finishing BandalierU. If you read our last blog post about Angelea, you might remember that Daybreak provides online therapy support for youth. It was a perfect match:

“I worked with children for a long time, so this was a really personal project for me, like it was for Daybreak’s founder. As I made calls to pediatric health groups, what surprised me was how open some of these people are to getting any kind of help – the situation is really bad right now. It was bad before the pandemic, but now it’s even more obvious because the worldwide situation really put mental health at the forefront. Because the situation is so personal, I’m able to have a lot of meaningful conversations. I’ve enjoyed how conversational it’s been. Sometimes my calls feel like I’m talking to peers or friends.”

Our team is keenly aware of the stereotypes about salespeople. When we tell folks that we work in inside sales, not many understand what that entails on a daily basis. We’re always excited to work with companies that meet an important social need at critical times – Daybreak’s team has grown rapidly to meet the demands for their service, and we’re excited to see how they keep growing with Angelea on their team. 

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