Each month, we give out two awards to recognize our team members. We strive to praise our award winners for their achievements and dedication to continuously improving themselves and their craft.

Our first award is the A/B Test of the Month, which celebrates the tests our team runs to improve their conversations. Our second award is the Monthly Kaizen Award, which goes to the team member who best demonstrated the philosophy of continuous improvement for the month. Now that this month’s award winners have been announced, we wanted to take some time to celebrate them!

Let’s talk about our May award winners.

This month, our A/B test award winner is Jarren Jackson! Jarren works on one of our largest customer service accounts, and this month, he tested out new follow-up strategies to help drive customer engagement. Thanks to his test and some friendly competition across the team, they saw a significant increase in response rates over the course of the month. We love seeing A/B tests that encourage collaboration and competition!

Rounding out the competition, this month’s kaizen award winner is Kat Nguyen! Kat joined our team back in March, and she has made a big impact here already. Over her first few months in the role, Kat worked closely with her client and took the initiative to shape her role and set herself up for success. For instance, whenever she has downtime, she uses it to research and implement changes that make her more effective. Whether she is delivering feedback to our team or her client’s, Kat always has an eye toward process improvements, and we are proud of the strides she has taken so far.

Congratulations to both of this month’s award winners! In conclusion, check back next month to see other team members who are running tests and hunting for success.