AI for Sales Training: Free Skill Development

Generative AI promises big changes for sales teams, and leveraging AI for sales training is one of the best places to start. While there are a wide variety of specialized platforms available, ChatGPT is a starting point for exploring how to use AI for sales. Here are a few ways that Bandalier has used large language models to help our team members ramp up faster.

How To Use AI for Sales Training: Roleplays

Large language models make it faster and easier for your new team members to practice their sales skills. Roleplays are one of the most impactful training activities your team can participate in. However, if your team is pressed for time, making time for roleplay sessions may be challenging.

With a few lines of prompts, ChatGPT can support your team members during independent roleplay. To begin, you’ll need to prompt the large language model and set the parameters for the interaction. You can find great prompts on GitHub and social media, or set aside time to develop your own. As you prepare your prompt, make sure it’s specific. If possible, use examples of past written roleplays – this will help ChatGPT create text that mirrors your past experiences. Here’s one simple example you can use to help your team start their roleplays:

Act as a [title] for a tech company. I’ll reach out to you as an inside sales representative to try and sell my product to you. Ask questions about the product that I pitch. Don’t generate any messages from the Sales Representative.

By engaging with ChatGPT, new reps will have the opportunity to reinforce their new skills without needing to schedule time with another team member. Plus, they’ll have the chance to practice translating their sales skills into written form.

Once they’ve completed their roleplays, make sure they have the opportunity to review them with another team member. Sharing feedback is one of the most important stages of training for new team members. While roleplaying with ChatGPT is an excellent way to augment your sales training process, it’s no substitute for practicing with a senior team member.

Additional AI for Sales Training: Email Personalization

Personalizing emails increases engagement, but it can take time for entry-level BDRs and SDRs to find their writing style. As they practice personalizing their emails, ChatGPT can help accelerate the process. If you’re relying on ChatGPT’s free platform, your team will need to practice their prompt engineering to get the right results. Some teams prefer to invest in a paid subscription to connect the platform to the internet. Regardless of the platform you choose to use, large language models can give your team more time to practice their written communication skills.

Want to learn more about how you can use AI to help your team scale? Follow the link below to download your free copy of our whitepaper, Modern “AI” for Sales Teams.

Modern AI for Sales Teams: learn how to use generative AI for sales.