If you’ve been following our blog, you probably remember reading about Laura Gordon from our article on Junior Program Managers back in April. Now that she’s advanced into the full Program Manager role, we wanted to reflect on her experience.

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Laura as part of Lydia’s pod, and have got the chance to witness her skills as a leader firsthand. One of Laura’s attributes that makes her an effective leader is her ability to boost the team’s morale. From leading call reviews and offering insightful feedback to making our daily meetings more enjoyable and inspirational, she is a leader that’s had a great impact on our reps in a short period of time. 

Maria Heitmann, a rep that works directly with Laura on her team, described to us exactly how she’s seen Laura grow as a leader since becoming her Junior Program Manager back in April:

When I joined her team, Abby was still in charge, and it was actually a seamless transition to Laura. She makes sure that we’re constantly improving and always doing a great job. She started taking charge in our meetings and it didn’t feel like a culture shock at all, she took the reins at her own pace and all of us felt comfortable with it.

We also had the chance to catch up with Laura following her promotion, and she’s looking forward to her future as a Program Manager:

I’m definitely busier now than I was before, but it’s a lot more structured. It’s exciting to have these opportunities with new clients to keep doing what I love, and I’m excited to build a better understanding of our systems and dig deeper into the technical side of things here!

Congratulations again to Laura on her new role! We’re excited to keep growing with her as a manager.