As our Side-Hustle Series winds down, we’re featuring one of the products that keeps us going – coffee! This week, we sat down to chat with Colin Meagley, co-founder of Hustle Bean Coffee.

Like many of our team members, Colin is a student of Binghamton University’s School of Management. While he was stuck inside over the summer, Colin took some time to reflect on his passions. As a hustler and coffee lover, he realized that no one was catering to his network. As he describes it, “I really enjoyed coffee and the culture around hustle and entrepreneurship. But no brands were targeting that market. No one was making coffee just for us.”

Colin got to work alongside his roommate and co-founder, reaching out to suppliers and manufacturers to build their coffee company. Together, they found high-quality beans, hand-roasted in small batches in Buffalo, NY.  Even though Colin has so much on his plate, he has no issue juggling his roles as a student, salesperson, and entrepreneur – in fact, he said that working remotely has made it even easier for him to balance his time:

“I can go immediately from work to class to managing my business – I’m not losing 15 minutes or more traveling between my home, school, and work.”

Colin credits Bandalier with their quick success in launching the business, too:

“Bandalier made it much easier for me to communicate with other businesses. Since I’ve worked with business-to-business marketing it was no problem to get in touch with different suppliers and manufacturers for our beans and packaging. I’ve also been lucky to keep growing my network, connecting with people over 2 commonalities – entrepreneurship and love of coffee. As you get to know people, they introduce you to people they know who love the same things.”

If you’re looking to step up your coffee game, check out Hustle Bean’s website for tips on making your daily brew – Colin uses an AeroPress. Regardless of how you make it, Hustle Bean’s Brazilian roast makes a “darn good” cup of coffee, according to our CEO, Jeremy Ruch. Head over to the Hustle Bean website to get your coffee today, and use the code “BANDALIER” for a 15% discount on your purchase!