As our team makes their last few calls before preparing for their Thanksgiving celebrations, we took a moment to ask them what they’re most thankful for this year! Here’s what a few of our team members had to say:

Jasmine said “I’m thankful for the ability to work remotely and do school online this year. I would never have been able to balance full-time grad credits and full-time work had it not been all remote.”

Romilly is “thankful to work for a company that values my opinions and wellbeing.”

Laura says that is “… thankful for Bandalier! It sounds a little silly, but I lost my job September and I had no idea what I was going to do. I was really concerned with how I was going to work when my daughter wasn’t in school. To have the ability to work from home as a mom during this crazy year has been a HUGE blessing for me and our family.”

Kennedy is “thankful that Bandalier gave me the opportunity to join a strong team in a time where millions of people are struggling to find jobs. I’m excited to grow within this company and hope everyone enjoys the holidays!”

Maria says “I’m seriously thankful for Bandalier, because I’ve never worked for a company with such a positive vibe that boosts each other up as we do! And, considering the state of the world right now, having a place to work like this is really great and comforting.”

Lydia, one of our ASMs, says that she is “grateful for a warm home, my cat, and the new season of The Crown on Netflix. And The Sims. And the Great British Bake-off.”

Bandalier is thankful to all of the team members who have helped us survive and thrive throughout the tumult of 2020. Whether you’re spending the holidays learning about the history of Thanksgiving or just enjoying a great meal, we’re wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season! We’ll see you all next week for the newest post in our Side Hustle Series.