If you’ve been following our blog, you probably remember our past post about one of our ‘behind the scenes’ leaders, Dr. Caroline Millen. As she wrapped up her doctoral dissertation, she was wrapping up another big project: a major update to our Talent as a Service portal.

We first launched our Talent as a Service offering in late May, primarily featuring profiles of current employees. As we received more applications from highly-qualified candidates, the workload to add them to the portal slowly increased. In the spirit of kaizen, Dr. Millen has been working closely with our sales ops team to make the portal operate more efficiently – both for our candidates and potential clients.

At launch, our Talent as a Service profiles took a lot of time and manual labor to build out. Caroline met with candidates multiple times after the interview process to interview them, record their introductory videos, and help detail their written profiles; after recording, our data team edited the videos before uploading them to the portal. 

Now that we have a few months of practice, we’ve streamlined the process so that candidates don’t have to spend so much time on camera. After they finish our interview process, they can choose from one of many prompts and make their own video, on their own time. We’ve also given our candidates more control over their profiles, with options to present unique examples of their experience, as well as the option to feature quotes on their profile that they feel best demonstrate their skill set. 

We’ve also improved the experience for clients who are ready to build their outsourced inside sales team. Each candidate’s expertise is clearly outlined, and it’s easy to see their experience without needing to delve into their resume. Once it’s time for the client and candidate to meet, they can schedule time independently, using our new scheduling options!

Our new Talent as a Service update promises even easier access to top talent for clients, and unique opportunities for our candidates. We’re excited to keep growing and to give talent across the country the opportunity to connect with a role that’s perfect for them!

If you’re ready to build a stellar sales team overnight, you can visit our website and schedule a call to learn more about our Talent as a Service offering. If you want to be part of our team and find the perfect role with a growing company, we’d love to hear from you!