Bandalier’s mission as a business is to connect customer-facing talent throughout the country with growing companies in need of it. Core to that goal is not just recruiting talent, but putting in place tools that empower new hires to perform successfully in roles for our clients.

To that end, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Bandalier University, powered by Thinkific and developed in conjunction with our partners at Incubate Media. We plan to use our university to provide our new hires and participants in our talent-as-a-service platform with foundational tactical skills and leadership training they’ll be able to use on our clients’ behalf and throughout their careers.

The University’s first course is Inside Sales 101, which is an adaptation of the standard bootcamp through which we put all new sales associates at Bandalier. The training is designed to prepare new hires for SDR roles on our outsourced inside sales teams and covers the philosophy and tactics underlying modern top-of-funnel SaaS sales. The course includes hours of video trainings, assignments that allow participants to leverage Bandalier’s library of sales calls and cold e-mails, and an interactive component involving live sales role plays with Bandalier’s managers. 

We’re laying out plans now for future courses, which will cover topics ranging from account management to sales leadership training. In the meantime, we’re opening course participation in Inside Sales 101 to the public at introductory pricing of $500. We invite you to check it out!