Born and raised in the small town of Fishs Eddy, NY; Anton attended SUNY Cortland to major in Communications and Media Production. Before leaving to become the Director of Client Delivery at Bandalier, he worked on business development and marketing for Horizons Federal Credit Union.

What attracted you to Bandalier?

“It all happened pretty quickly. I had heard of Bandalier through Instagram and Twitter and checked out the website. I noticed Bandalier was hiring for this position and it seemed like a good fit for what I was looking to do with my skill set. I sent in my application and got a call the next day. A week later, it was basically history. It seemed like an exciting opportunity because it’s such a forward-thinking and growth-oriented company”

What is your favorite thing about working at a startup?

“The culture. The environment is different from anywhere else I’ve worked. There’s a lot of flexibility and everything is done for a specific reason. At a lot of places, if someone asks ‘Why is it done this way?’ the answer is ‘Because it’s always been done this way.’ At Bandalier, we always look for ways to work smarter. The pace is much quicker and it’s just a lot more exciting day to day.”

What skills do you think are important in this type of environment?

“Flexibility is a big one; things are constantly changing–from a client standpoint but also internally. I have to keep my schedule flexible because I never know what’s going to come up throughout the day. Another big thing is open-mindedness. We rely on feedback from clients and colleagues. Even if it’s negative, you have to approach it as constructive.”

What has this experience taught you?

“In some ways, this is similar to other jobs I’ve worked but at the same time, it’s very different. I’ve had to quickly learn how to translate my skills to fit this company’s needs. I feel like every day I learn something new. I’ll think something has to be done one specific way and then Matt or Jeremy will show it to me from a fresh perspective and I’ll think ‘Oh, that makes so much more sense!’ This experience has really taught me to approach things from different perspectives when solving problems.”

In a few sentences, describe your role.

“My role is to ensure that Bandalier offers a really good experience and service to our clients. I act as the liaison between Bandalier and our clients. The other side of it is the data, analytics, and reporting. I’ll use the data that we have to make decisions regarding the company and our clients.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

“Ideally I’d like to grow with the company. We’re growing quickly and I’d like to help guide our expansion–which is off to a great start since we’ve just onboarded our fourth new client of the month.”

What would you tell a potential client that’s thinking of working with Bandalier?

“I would say that we’re very adaptable to their needs. Just as we’re flexible internally, we’re able to do that externally. The culture that we have benefits our clients as well. We don’t have the typical structure that our competitors have. We have a strong focus on building a team environment of camaraderie, both with each other and with our clients. The values we instill in our team rolls over to how we work with our clients.”  

What’s an interesting fact that your coworkers probably don’t know?

“In college, I did play-by-play for football, basketball, soccer, and field hockey broadcasts for the campus TV station, CSTV.”

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