We’re proud to introduce Connor Riley. As his one-year anniversary approaches, we took a few minutes to talk about his experiences at Bandalier.

Connor has always been a hard worker. Before joining Bandalier as an inside sales associate, he worked as a promoter, field marketer, photographer, bartender, caterer, and golf club retailer. “I used to hold six different positions at once … Bandalier has given me a great opportunity to hone all of the skills I picked up along the way.” After completing his sales training, Connor quickly produced amazing results for some of our toughest clients. 

If he isn’t busy crushing it on sales calls, Connor’s helping his team. He’ll answer any question with a smile, whether you need help with call techniques or just want to know which local watering hole is the best. When a dozen employees needed professional headshots, Connor volunteered to put his photography and editing skills to use.

“It’s been amazing to see Bandalier grow and adapt. I had the opportunity to work with multiple clients at the same time, and it really showed me how unique each program is.” From staffing to software (SaaS), he’s sold it all! For more information on how you can work with Connor and the rest of our amazing outsourced inside sales team, check out our careers page and apply now!