We took some time to interview one of our part timers, Mallory Fowler. Mallory’s been hard at work these last few months achieving some awesome results on a SaaS sales outsourcing campaign.

Through her story about a (very) early attempt at a flower business, we learned that Mallory’s motivation to achieve amazing results has been a lifelong quality. We look for traits like these in our interview process for inside sales roles. 

​”I have always had a passion for talking to people. Starting from the age of five, I used to have this flower/plant shop in front of my house. I lived in a rural area, and I would convince random people in their cars to buy my flowers. Even though I was five, so I was cute and people wanted to buy my flowers, I still had that passion and that motivation to literally run up to cars on my street and ask them if they wanted to buy my flowers and sometimes convince them to pay crazy amounts for random flowers I dug up out of my yard. I still love being able to talk to people and explain why this option, for any future client or my current clients, is the best, because I truly believe it. I like to talk through it and understand exactly what you mean as a future client, or what people who might be future prospects want, and translating that into the sales funnel.”