At Bandalier, we have a healthy mix of both established professionals and local university students that are seeking to gain professional sales experience while they finish their education. We’ve found that each of our employees has an interesting story of how they initially got involved with Bandalier and how they evolve throughout their experience with us. We took some time to interview one of our part timers, Priyana Kale, to get some perspective on her experience with not only Bandalier, but how she’s managed her school life as well.

“When I first started at Bandalier, I was struggling to continue on the marketing track I was on in business school. I was lost as to what I would like to study and what career path I would choose, as I was not enjoying any of my courses nor succeeding in them. Changing schools was a frightening prospect for me because I knew many students in the school who secured job opportunities upon graduation and, considering I’m interested in business, it made sense that I was enrolled in business school.

One day, mid-November, I decided to withdraw from the semester and wondered if Bandalier would be able to let me work, temporarily, for a few more hours. My team leader was not only accommodating of my request but he spoke with me about my academic situation.

I told him that I was considering giving an English major a chance, considering my favorite classes in elementary and high school were always related to the field, but I was worried about what I would be able to do with my diploma after graduation. He shared his experiences as an English major and reassured me that I can market the degree for various fields and that I am not limited in my career trajectory by what major I choose, but I am limited by my inability to enjoy my coursework.

Now, after a semester of English courses, I am excelling academically. I have also discovered my love for writing poetry and was recommended to apply for the English honors program. Without the support of my team leader, despite it not being Bandalier related, I wouldn’t be where I am today academically. This experience has also showed me that when you work at Bandalier, you are valued far more than what you can numerically achieve as part of an outsourced inside sales team. Your fellow team members want you to succeed in all areas of life, which is a priceless workplace experience as a college student.”