We’re pleased to introduce the next person in our New Leaders series – meet Zach Keck!

Zach is an entrepreneur at heart. While wrapping up his master’s degree in Material Sciences and Engineering at Binghamton University, he joined the Southern Tier Incubator’s Accelerator Program. As he and his business partner worked to get ZAG Labs up and running, they kept hearing about another startup down the hall. After receiving a host of recommendations from folks at the Incubator, Zach applied to join the Bandalier team.

“It was a no-brainer. I lived nearby, and my lab is in the same building. I love start-up environments. I love the ability to make change. If you see potential in a 500-600 person company, you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get things done. At Bandalier, if I have an idea, I could just talk to my managers. They listen and give good feedback on it.”

When Zach started at Bandalier, he had no plans to join our leadership team. He was excited to support another start-up while building his sales experience. Once Zach started making calls, he quickly optimized his strategy, delivering excellent results for his client. Before long, he was hungry for a new challenge. He knew that he could offer more to Bandalier if he had the opportunity.

His team lead helped him find one. Zach has a passion for teaching and was glad to share that passion by training new team members. It’s often said that the best way to learn is by teaching others, and Zach put his improved sales skills to the test by reaching out to prospective clients for Bandalier. Over time, he picked up more responsibilities and became an informal leader within his team. When the opportunity arose to formally apply for the position of team lead, Zach jumped on it. 

Since you’re reading this post, you can guess how his application turned out! Congratulations to Zach and our other new leaders – we’re excited to keep growing with you!

If you want to work with driven young entrepreneurs like Zach, we’d love to chat with you! To learn more about Bandalier, visit us at our website. To learn more about ZAG Labs and how they’re working to revitalize running shoes with their premier product, Edge Spray, you can reach out to Zach by visiting his LinkedIn page.