As part of our annual Bandalier Birthday celebrations, each year we like to present one of our employees with the Bandalier Kaizen Award. The nominees for the award are employees that have continuously gone above and beyond to make regular improvements to their own performance as well as the team as a whole. It brings us great joy to announce this year’s award winner: Abby Rudock!

You probably recognize Abby’s name from many of our blog posts she’s written, but her personal trajectory within the company has been truly impressive to follow. Since her arrival at Bandalier in 2019, she’s worked with several clients in different industries as an inside sales rep, and never failed to produce excellent results. 

Over time, Abby has also become the go-to person for writing advice, often running workshops on email and LinkedIn topics. Many of us, including last year’s Kaizen Award winner Alex Boucard, view Abby as our go-to person to bounce ideas off of – he said of Abby:

Abby and I started around the same time, and since then she’s always helped me out with great advice. She’s an absolute team player and embodies Kaizen by helping out every person at Bandalier.

A major reason that Abby was nominated for the Award this year, though, is the way she’s stepped into different roles so quickly and crushed it everywhere she went. When Abby became a Program Manager back in February, she went from making calls to managing her own team. Not long after, she found herself managing the largest team in the company. Now she finds herself in the Client Delivery role, serving as an internal advocate for clients to make sure all of their needs are met.

Abby credits her success to the inspiration and guidance she got from her Program Managers. We caught up with her after winning the award, and she told us how much the award meant to her:

Winning the Kaizen Award feels like an amazing capstone to a transformative year. It all felt gradual, but looking back on the last year, it’s amazing to see how much things have changed.

​Always humble, she continued about how surreal the experience was having last year’s award winner present her with the award:

I happy-cried a little in surprise! I thought it was going to be someone else until Jeremy said my name, and then there was the surprise of Alex being outside to deliver the award – it was a wild half hour!

We’re grateful to have such incredible professionals like Abby at Bandalier, and look forward to seeing her continue to grow! If you’re interested in working with great young leaders like her or would like to learn more about us, check out our website.