Outsourcing your inside sales process is a big decision. Once you’ve found a partner to work with, what else is there to do? While the specifics may vary depending on the team you work with, we’ll take you through some key actions you can take to set any outsourced inside sales team up for success.

Establish your point person early

Identify which member of your internal team will be the primary point of contact for your outsourced inside sales team. Pull them into the launch process as early as you can. That may mean that they help you during your preliminary search for partners, or that they jump into calls as you move closer to launching your outsourced team. By establishing your point person early, you can ensure that they have the fullest understanding of how your new outsourced team will operate.

Identify team integrations

Your outsourced team should function as an extension and support for your existing sales team members. Depending on the structure of your existing sales team and the scope of your outsourced team’s work, you may have a lot of decisions to make. For example, if your internal team has two account executives that will be supported by four outsourced inside sales representatives, you’ll need to outline how each team member will work together. Will one inside sales rep focus on a specific industry or region? Will both of your sales reps target the same regions? Who will they schedule meetings with? Make sure you have clear plans to pull your outsourced team into your sales process as you prepare to launch.

Audit your processes

Launching an outsourced inside sales team is an excellent opportunity to evaluate your internal processes. Your team may be used to working around minor inefficiencies, such as quirks in your systems or integrations, but those quirks may become significant stumbling blocks for your outsourced sales team. Review your systems, integrations, and processes before you ask your outsourced inside sales representatives to jump into your sales process.

Prepare to share

Scripts, email templates, call recordings, past training sessions, and recorded demonstrations are all excellent training resources that will help your outsourced team understand your sales process. Take some time before launch to pull together these materials in one place to speed up the training of your outsourced team members.

Set clear goals

You’ve probably already established goals and KPIs for your internal team. What will success look like for your outsourced team? If your outsourced sales team has access to similar prospects and follows the same process as your internal team, setting goals for them will be simple. However, you’ll need to adjust their goals to reflect the nuances of their outreach. If your internal team is focused on converting warm leads, they’ll likely schedule more meetings while making fewer calls. If your outsourced team will focus on cold leads, they’ll need to make more calls to connect with prospects and may schedule fewer meetings.

Outsourcing inside sales may take some preparation, but working with the right partner will make the launch process simple. To learn how Bandalier can help your sales team ramp up faster, contact us today.