Grit is a key characteristic we select for at Bandalier. Our team members are used to getting many ‘nos’ before getting to a ‘yes’ – and having to reach out to prospects multiple times before getting any answer at all.

A recent internal study of tens of thousands of prospects in our system revealed the number of ‘touches’ an average prospect receives before committing to a sales appointment with a client. Our outsourced inside sales teams use a multi-channel approach to pique prospect interest, including outbound calls, e-mails, and social media touches (usually via Linkedin). For the purposes of this study, we looked at the average number of calls and e-mails a prospect that moved forward to the next stage in the sales funnel (usually an appointment with a client) received from a Bandalier sales rep.

​As you can see, on average it takes Bandalier inside sales reps 4.9 calls and 2.0 emails (or 7 touches total) to successfully reach the prospect and get them to commit to the next steps. It’s worth noting that this is just to get to the next step in our process. Closed deals require many more touches. 

We use these data points, which vary substantially by client and industry, to help inform our multi-touch sequences and the number of prospects we add to each cadence – and to remind our team members never to give up.