Angelea Brown is a current team member at Bandalier who after 4 months is moving in-house to her client, Daybreak! Below she details what brought her to Bandalier, what she learned during her time with us and tells us more about her new gig at Daybreak!

What were you doing prior to Bandalier and what motivated you to start looking for a new opportunity?

Prior to Bandalier I had worked mostly in customer service, and had some light sales experience from being a sales coordinator at a Hyatt hotel. Unfortunately, I was let go from that job in March 2020 due to the pandemic which is when I decided that I wanted to make a career change. 

What made you choose Bandalier specifically?

What initially stood out about Bandalier was that it was a fully remote job, which is what I was looking for at the time. As I looked more into the company, I heard that they set up employees with tech startups in sales roles and figured that would be a great way for me to apply my prior experience to get my foot in the door to a different field. I also read on Bandalier’s website that they had something called a kaizen culture and that sparked my interest since it was something I hadn’t heard about before.

What was it like onboarding at a fully remote company?

This was my first experience ever working remotely. Surprisingly to me, there was a bit of waiting that I had to do once I finished Bandalier university training. I took that opportunity to meet, shadow, and roleplay with others as much as I could. I absolutely LOVED having a mentor to turn to with all of my questions as a new hire. My mentor Daniel Cardwell made me feel supported from the get go. Once I got matched with a client, I was beyond ready to start.

How have you grown while at Bandalier?

How haven’t I grown? Bandalier’s kaizen culture has created a very supportive and encouraging remote work environment. Because new ideas are always welcome, I felt like I had more freedom to voice out any ideas or opinions of how to make Bandalier better. Even when I was being shadowed by new hires, the fresh perspectives held new things for me to learn as well in the feedback they gave me. 

I feel that Bandalier gave me an experience I needed after I lost my hotel sales job back in March 2020 when quarantine for the pandemic hit. I grew in my confidence and professionalism in my calls because of Bandalier U training, and I feel that I grew overall as a person by applying kaizen to everything.

Congrats on moving in-house to work as a Senior BDR with your client, Daybreak! Tell us about how that process unfolded?

Thank you! I’m super excited about it. When I first was placed with Daybreak, all I knew was that they do something with mental health. I was pleased to find out that they actually provide online therapy support for youth! 

Since I knew there was someone already working with Daybreak, I had asked Damon Messina if I could shadow him to learn the ropes before meeting the client. I was anxious to start and this actually helped me feel better prepared. Having shadowed the current BDR was actually surprising to the client and they told me that they were impressed. 

Once I started making calls, it wasn’t long before I was booking meetings from my calls. About a month in, Daybreak proposed the idea of possibly coming on board with them. Another month later, the idea became a proposal and an offer. 

In a few sentences what does Daybreak do?

Daybreak is an organization that provides online therapy support for youth! Nowadays, there are so many teens that have a need for mental health therapy and many places have long waiting lists. 

Who do you think Bandalier would be a good fit for?

I think Bandalier would be a good fit for those who are looking to build and further develop confidence in their people and communication skills. Bandalier is also a great place to build confidence in talking on the phone. Bandalier gives people an opportunity to either use it as a stepping stone to getting a foot in the door of a new startup or build leadership skills. Aside from my own experience working with Bandalier, I’ve seen others in my cohort with no previous sales experience become successful. I think Bandalier is a great fit for someone who is eager to learn and wants to grow.