Outsourced sales teams for startups are most effective when they’re positioned to help your internal team succeed. As your team prepares to launch an outsourced program, make sure to ask these three questions:

What’s working for your existing sales team?

Your outsourced SDRs and BDRs will see better results if they follow the best practices that your team has already put in place. Use your internal team’s experience to inform the structure of your outsourced team’s outreach. When your outsourced team launches, share the scripts, email templates, sequences, and tips that have driven your internal team’s success. In doing so, you’ll help your outsourced team member generate traction quickly. 

If you’re using an outsourced sales team to test new strategies, sharing your best practices remains a helpful first step. By understanding what works for your existing team, your outsourced inside sales representatives can clearly delineate the changes they should make for their outreach. That might mean prioritizing different outreach channels, or it may mean adjusting their messaging to appeal to a new ICP. By collaborating with your internal team and building off of your best practices, your new team members will be able to quickly increase the momentum of their outreach.

What does success look like for your outsourced sales team?

This question is essential to answer before your program launches. Some teams set goals based on their internal team’s past performance; others prefer to set a target ROI for the program. Regardless of your goal-setting process, make sure your outsourced team receives clear performance expectations within their first week of launching calls.

As you establish new goals for your outsourced sales team, consider which behaviors you’d like to encourage. Setting high goals for the number of meetings booked may put pressure on your outsourced sales team to push prospects who are less qualified further into the sales funnel. Similarly, setting steep activity-related goals may make it challenging for reps to hold high-quality conversations with their prospects. 

Who will manage your outsourced sales team members?

The best outsourced inside sales teams will introduce a sales leader alongside your new outsourced sales team. Outsourced sales managers will address their team’s day-to-day management needs, but there may be questions that only your team can answer. Additionally, you’ll need someone who can guide the integration of both teams. By identifying an internal team member as the program’s leader early on, you’ll set yourself and your team up for long-term success.