Since we’ve gone fully remote, we at Bandalier have been fortunate enough to keep growing and welcome a number of new employees to the team! While our primary goal is to provide exceptional results for clients, we’ve had to change things up to roll with the punches.

After our new hires complete Bandalier University, they then get matched with a client and join one of our internal pods with other reps. Michael Sullin, one of our newest team members, is part of Lydia’s pod. Here’s how he described getting started with a new client: 

“Even though it was a little intimidating to jump in with a brand new client, I really liked that I was able to learn alongside them!”

Most of our reps here spend the majority of their time doing outreach – whether it be emails, calls, or something more creative, like personalizing videos or experimenting with LinkedIn messaging. Often, the hardest part of being a remote rep can be staying focused in order to hit your numbers goals with all of the potential distractions that come with working from home. We asked Michael what he’s been learning in the time since he started:

“I’ve heard a lot of people say it, but time management is something I’ve learned is really important, especially when working from home. I’ve had to learn how to plan out my week in order to really perform sometimes. I’ve also learned how important it is to balance being a salesperson while staying authentic at the same time.”

While feeling isolated is something that can come along with working remotely, team huddles to start off the morning, call reviews and scheduled “standup” meetings are a few things that each pod does regularly to catch up with other reps on the team and take a quick breather. Our newer reps like Michael often appreciate these team exercises in between outreach sessions:

“I think there’s a good structure here for working remotely so that I still feel like I’m part of a team, which I think is something that can easily get lost without that structure.”

Balancing all of our meetings and catch-ups while taking “Zoom Fatigue” into account is something we’ve also been paying attention to. In an effort to keep us all fresh, we’ve introduced what we like to call “Low-Meeting Thursdays” to focus on what we need to get done that day.

As we continue to welcome new reps to the team, we can’t help but to be excited to see them grow! If you’d like to know more about Bandalier, take a stroll through our website, and feel free to visit our careers page if you’re interested in sales or remote work positions!