Graduation season is upon us, and the Bandalier team has a lot to celebrate this year! When we’re looking for new team members, we prioritize folks with grit, creativity and great communication skills. As a result, we’ve always had a healthy handful of college students on our team. Now that our team is full remote, we’ve been able to work with students from a variety of great schools – from Binghamton University, near our home office, all the way to Eastern Kentucky University! We wanted to take some time to catch up with our recent graduates and celebrate their accomplishments.

Tristan Hogan

Tristan originally began college as an economics major at SUNY Cortland, but soon switched over to communications after realizing he was much more of a people person. He’s always been business-minded, and after sharpening his skills at Bandalier, he’s taken a liking to sales as well.

As a full-time student working with us, Tristan is used to having a lot on his plate, but has adapted quickly! When asked about his experience, he told us:

I’m used to the overload of work, so I saw this as a great opportunity to dive into the professional world while being a student. I’ve learned to represent myself and communicate with the team effectively, and I’ll probably be using these skills for the rest of my life!

Osmar Harris

Graduating with his Bachelor’s in Marketing and Information Systems, Osmar will begin pursuing his MBA in January.

He’s been wowed by the flexibility he’s been afforded by his management team that’s allowed him to work around his schoolwork and class hours. Not only has he excelled in college, but also in our version of university – he told us:

The Bandalier U Academy has helped me advance my sales skills and my overall concept of sales in a much more detailed way!

Osmar is looking forward to taking the skills he’s learned and moving forward in his sales career!

Laura Horton

Laura is graduating from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, where she studied marketing with a focus in professional sales. She’s often found herself applying the lessons she learned in school to her work at Bandalier, and sharing her experiences in the workplace with her professors and classmates!

We asked Laura what some of the most valuable lessons she’s learned are. Her words of wisdom were:

Emotional Intelligence and effective listening are the skills that I value the most. No matter where my career is going to take me, I know I can apply them every day.

Renee Choong

Renee just graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with a Bachelors of Science in MIS, Management, Marketing and Business Administration. She’ll be continuing at Binghamton University for her Masters in Data Analytics, and plans to be a market research analyst in the future.

Flexibility and the ability to work remote is something Renee says has helped her flourish. She told us:

I’ve really been able to develop communication skills and professionalism. My team has been accommodating and helpful, and it’s nice that I’ve been able to feel like I’m in an office environment without actually having to be in the office!

Lilia Nunez Guerrero 

As a Psychology Major at Berea College, Lilia has been able to apply her knowledge of psychology to the world of sales to produce results for her team.

Working full-time while also a full-time student, she recognizes the importance of time management and prioritizing tasks. 

Lilia told us that the most important skill she’s learned while balancing school and working with Bandalier is resilience:

Resilience is key. Sometimes certain tasks can be difficult, and I have to go about them differently than other people would, but I’m able to learn how to make everything work.

All of these young professionals have had a great impact on Bandalier, and we’re sure that they’ll achieve amazing things in their future careers. Congratulations, and best of luck to our 2021 graduates!