Thanks to our team’s hard work, Peer to Peer Marketing named Bandalier one of the best outsourced SDR companies of 2023! We wanted to share some of the secrets that have helped our outsourced SDR, BDR, and customer success teams succeed.


We connect with untapped talent from across the U.S. There’s talent everywhere – but connecting with that talent can be tough. Thanks to strong partnerships with different organizations and referrals from our existing employees, we’re constantly connecting with fresh talent. Our hiring process is rigorously data-driven, and only the top 2% of applicants will move on to our sales training program.


Bandalier University gives every team member the foundational skills they need to succeed on customer-facing teams. Our best-in-class training program breaks conversations down into their working parts: from introductions to the end of the call, we coach team members through the best practices for each stage. As our new team members progress through training, we share feedback on their performance. That means reinforcing great habits and providing actionable feedback to guide their improvement. 

Much like our interview process, our training process is intensely data-driven. We review team members’ scores on different assignments, their performance in roleplays, their greatest strengths, and their most significant opportunities for improvement. We take a holistic approach to this process, reflecting on team members’ performance throughout the interview and training process to understand which roles they’re most suited for.


Feedback drives Bandalier. Our core value, kaizen, relies on the open feedback loops we’ve built between our team members and our clients. As our team members ramp up, they collaborate with their client to fine-tune their outreach strategies. Bandalier’s team members are always striving to improve, and that focus translates to delivering incredible results and experiences for our clients. Their hard work has made us one of the best outsourced SDR companies of 2023.

Our team is here to help you ramp up faster – contact us today to learn more about our process.