Next up in our New Leaders series is Abby Rudock! If the name rings a bell, it’s probably because you’ve seen her name at the end of many of our recent blog posts.

Abby has been a mainstay at Bandalier since 2019, working on several programs in different types of industries – but she’s always been more than just a gifted outsourced inside sales rep. Aside from consistently grinding out results for her client, Abby has been there to provide great insights to less experienced reps. As Bandalier’s go-to writer, she also runs regular workshops on business writing and effective note-taking as well!

One of the primary traits Abby possesses that makes her an excellent leader is her genuine excitement to see others do well. She loves mentoring new reps and learning about their different perspectives. When asked what she was looking forward to most about transitioning into management, she said:

“I’ve really enjoyed getting to work with all of the new team members. It’s really fun to work with people on different programs, and people working in different parts of the world. I’m excited to keep building new programs, too! All of our programs are so unique that we have to keep trying new things.”

We recently had the chance to catch up with Laura Gordon, who has been working on a program with Abby for several months. She said of Abby:

“I’m so impressed with her all the time. Being able to see her growth every single day has been amazing!”

Aside from wow-ing team members on a daily basis, Abby is also an impressive trivia player and has an aptitude for solving riddles.

All of our new leaders bring their own unique styles to the table, and we look forward to seeing how Abby grows as a leader at Bandalier! If you’re interested in working with a team of driven young professionals like her or would like to know more about us, head over to our website!