If you were following our blog over the summer, you might remember our series of posts on our new leaders. We’ve been fortunate to continue growing over the last few months, and with three new project managers in training, we’re taking time to feature two of them this week! 

Connor Riley and Alex Boucard are probably familiar names at this point, especially for long-term blog readers. They joined Bandalier in the summer of 2019, and they’ve been cornerstones of our team ever since. Both reps have worked on a wide variety of programs, cold-calling every industry from hospitality to tech companies! With Connor’s relentless work ethic and Alex’s constant drive to improve, they consistently deliver excellent results for their clients. Alex always shares his tips, tricks, and techniques with the team – and follows up with folks to see how they work on different programs. Connor is great at asking questions to get to the root of the problem when folks need help.

As these two have stepped into their new leadership roles, Alex and Connor have been focusing on fine-tuning their skills. They’ve been working closely with Zach Keck, their current Program Manager, to learn through experience. These three have been exchanging tips since the fall – as Zach said, “a lot of November was me teaching them what I knew about management, and them teaching me what they knew about their program.” Alex is looking forward to stepping into his new role – he says:

“I remember how awesome my Bandalier ASMs were to me. What I love about our leadership structure is the opportunity to mentor someone who’s starting their sales journey – watching them grow and seeing their improvement each week!”

In spite of their experiences at Bandalier, Connor and Alex have still been surprised by their experiences as they move towards management. When we asked, Connor he said: 

“I think what has surprised me the most so far is how you need to fine-tune your time management skill. There’s a lot more that goes on behind the sales curtain that you don’t see when you’re a rep. Its opened my eyes to the level of collaboration and team effort that goes into building and launching a new account. I’m excited to get further into the role – and continue to learn and absorb new skills as I advance.”

Each of our leaders takes a unique approach to managing their team, and we’re excited to see how Connor and Alex grow into their new roles! If you want to work with a team of driven young professions like them, head over to our website to submit an application or learn more about our service offerings.