One thing that’s great about working for a startup like Bandalier is the chance to be able to grow alongside the company. Fortunately for us, we’ve been able to see some recent expansion, which brings opportunities for our outsourced inside sales reps to step into more leadership roles. For this week’s New Leaders Feature, we’re going to highlight four of them!

Two of our youngest part-timers, Jarrod Pine and Matt Doscas, have recently stepped into Team Lead roles. Jarrod has worked with several SaaS clients in different industries since his start in Summer 2020, facing a lot of new challenges along the way. When asked about the most important thing he’s learned from these experiences, he said:

You have to be persistent. Even if you strike out, you want to slam the phone down, you never know what can happen next. When you keep smiling through it and stay positive, good things will come!

Matt, on the other hand, has been grinding out results for his client since his start with us in Fall 2020. Although he’s been with the same client this whole time, he’s had the opportunity to work under a couple of our seasoned Program Managers. He told us:

Seeing the different personalities and styles of our different leaders has been really cool. Everyone kind of has the freedom to operate how they like, but the similarity between our different teams is that everyone is driven and willing to help each other.

Jasmine Jordan, another Summer 2020 addition, was also recently promoted to a Junior Program Manager role! When we asked Jasmine about her experience transitioning from a rep to a junior program manager, she responded:

I’m excited for the opportunity to keep growing. I’ve had a number of jobs, and they all felt stagnant to me! At Bandalier, I’ve been able to grow with the clients I’ve worked with and also connect and grow with everyone here.

Lastly, another rep we’ve seen grow into a Junior Program Manager role is Laura Gordon. Laura is a bit different than some of our other reps in that she came into the job with years of sales experience prior to joining us. I asked Laura how her time at Bandalier has been different than her earlier sales roles, and she told us:

It’s been so much more collaborative than what I’m used to. Teaching, coaching, and working together are some of my favorite things to do. It’s been fantastic!

With so many new leaders emerging at the company, it’s an exciting time at Bandalier! It’s been amazing to see how they’ve all continued to crush it with their clients while assuming more responsibilities, and we’re looking forward to seeing what they’ll be able to accomplish in their new roles. If you’re interested in working in a collaborative space with young professionals like them, head over to our website!