Working in sales is tough, but great salespeople make it look easy. It’s not enough to be a good salesperson. If you are to gain sales success, you need to make great choices for your team. A great team is better than a single super-star. But, one poor decision can hinder your sales team from having an exceptional month or quarter.

Let’s look at how you can skyrocket your sales by making some incredible choices for your team.

4 Top Strategies to Improve Your Sales Team

Here are some game-changing decisions you can make to boost sales.

#1 Using TaaS to save cost and time and leverage top talent on demand

Talent-as-a-service (TaaS) is used in most major industries, and sales is not an exception. There are various advantages of using TaaS for sales organizations. With TaaS, you can get on-demand, flexible, and extraordinary sales talent with the required skill set to:

  • Bring a sales innovation to life
  • Complete a short-term sales project
  • Fulfill an urgent sales talent requirement, or
  • Support and enable in-house sales teams to achieve more

TaaS also gives you the advantage of adding new talent to your sales team and tapping into their rare experience working with different sales organizations and client-facing programs. You benefit from their cross-industry sales analytics, tactics, and expertise. Furthermore, TaaS enables you to quickly scale your sales team up or down as per your requirement, avoid the expensive cost of bad hiring, increase cost-effectiveness, boost sales efficiency, and handle unsteady sales workload.
Some sales TaaS providers like Bandalier go the extra mile to benefit their customers. With Bandalier, you can get trained, pre-vetted remote customer experience and inside sales talent interviewed, onboarded, and deployed within 24 hours. They also provide on-demand custom analytics and data dashboards to review or analyze performance across different channels, messaging, lists, and team members. Moreover, you get to conduct bi-weekly/weekly strategy sessions with their client delivery experts.

#2 Aligning sales and marketing teams to reach sales and revenue goals

Sales and marketing alignment is a higher level of collaboration between the two teams. With better communication and transparency, they achieve the end goal of bringing in more sales and revenue. It facilitates increased conversion rates, sales productivity, and marketing ROI. Also, it allows simplified sales and marketing workflows, improves work culture, shortens sales cycles, enhances buyer experiences, and drives growth.

98% of sellers and 97% of marketers think that poor sales and marketing alignment negatively impacts the business and the customer. Other statistics show that aligning the two teams can help with 208% growth in marketing revenue, 38% higher sales win rates, and a 32% increase in YoY revenue growth.

When your sales and marketing teams are out of sync, it takes a toll on your sales and revenue growth. Poor communication, missed sales opportunities, low-grade lead quality, sales reps not using marketing collaterals or guidance, and inconsistent sales and marketing messages indicate sales and marketing misalignment.

Here’s how you can get your sales and marketing departments properly aligned:

  • Prioritize shared goals and KPIs
  • Put revenue-related SLAs in place
  • Share content, analysis, and reporting
  • Improve interdepartmental communication
  • Agree on ICPs, buyer personas, or customer personas
  • Work on customer retention and post-sales growth together

#3 Gear up your sales team with advanced prospecting technology

Sales prospecting can be quite a challenge if you’re not equipped with the right tools. Imagine having a foolproof prospecting strategy in place but not the tools required to execute it. All your efforts would be wasted. 9 in 10 companies use two or more lead enrichment tools to learn more about prospects.

If you’re looking for affordable but effective sales prospecting tools, the free Chrome extension, RevDriver can be a great option. Your sales team can use it to collect 95% accurate, human-verified B2B data including contact and company information when prospecting across company websites or LinkedIn. As a freemium user, you can also export the data to your CRM or MAP. RevDriver speeds up prospecting by enabling you to quickly identify and reach decision-makers and influencers.
Your sales team can also use website visitor intelligence as a sales prospecting tool. Once you know what type of prospects are visiting your website and their professional details, you can tailor prospecting or other sales efforts accordingly. 

VisitorIntel, an analytics-driven feature of SalesIntel, is a website visitor tracker that you can use to know what companies are visiting your site. This will help you reach prospects interested in your brand or product and customize your prospecting campaigns for them.

#4 Use B2B intent data to reach potential buyers before they reach you

Adopting a data-driven approach helps you take better control of the sales process. With B2B data, you can make highly informed sales decisions, whether it’s related to lead generation, nurturing, pricing, churn reduction, people management, closing, or post-sales. Buyer intent, firmographic, and technographic data are among the most-used forms of B2B data in the sales world. Combining them can significantly level up your sales performance and drive faster time-to-revenue.

Intent data reveals businesses and individuals showing high interest in a brand or product and people increasingly researching a keyword or key intent search term. It does so by giving deep insights into their online behavior or activities and buyer intent signals. You are informed if a prospect is in their buying cycle or intending to buy from you, even before they reach you. According to SalesIntel, intent data can deliver up to 4X pipeline expansion and 300% marketing ROI.

Sales teams can use buying intent signals to:

  • Build an ICP or buyer persona
  • Find and segment quality leads
  • Target in-market prospects
  • Unveil prospect movement
  • Know where leads are in their buyer’s journey
  • Tailor sales pitches and messages to a prospect’s needs

Wrapping Up

Besides making these informed choices to gain sales success, you can start investing in regular training for your sales team. The ROI for sales training is 353%. Further, effective sales coaching can help a company improve win rates by as much as 29%.

Your sales training should include important elements like an introduction to sales, modern sales tactics, client-specific training, data integrity training, systems training, role plays, and certifications. Bandalier University’s signature training boot camp, Inside Sales 101 is a perfect example to look at. Made available to the public for the first time, this is the same course Bandalier has been using to train their inside sales team.