Last week in our New Leaders Series we focused on Jess Kehoe – this week, we’re celebrating the other Program Manager on her team, Jeffrey Sexton! 

Jeffrey joined us in February 2021 and started on our largest customer service program. According to Jess, he displayed impressive leadership qualities almost immediately:

He was one of my superstar trainees! He’s hard-working and loyal to the team. He’s part of the glue that holds us all together. I’m so grateful to have him as my partner on this team!

Abby Rudock, who was Jeffrey’s Program Manager before switching roles, had similar things to say about Jeffrey:

He takes things in stride and is crazy good at adapting and strategizing to get the best outcomes from any situation. He’s really passionate about supporting his team and making sure they have everything they need to succeed. He makes sure everyone feels heard – it goes a long way for meeting with large groups!

Jeffrey credits his success to being dedicated and staying organized, and has enjoyed working more closely with the leadership team as a whole. We asked him after his promotion what excites him most about his new role – he told us:

It’s great to be able to affect change at a higher level. That’s something I’ve always wanted to be a part of.

Congratulations again to Jeffrey on the new role. We’re thrilled to continue working with him as he progresses in leadership!