Next up in our New Leaders Series is Jess Kehoe! You may remember Jess from our latest post on Junior Program Managers, but we wanted to highlight some of her achievements as a Program Manager.

Jess joined us in the Fall of 2020 as a sales rep. When asked to join our newest customer service program, she agreed and quickly adapted – as one of five reps that launched our largest-ever client, she helped train every new rep as the team continued to grow. Her training skills and enthusiasm were key factors of her promotion into leadership.

Now that she’s officially transitioned from a Junior Program Manager to a Program Manager, Jess has gone from answering calls for the client to answering urgent questions from her team members. As a genuine people person, she’s been able to offer a great support system to her reps as well as brainstorm new ways to improve the team’s overall performance. 

We asked Jeffrey Sexton, who works alongside Jess as another Program Manager, what his experience working with her has been. He told us:

She is a ton of fun to work with! She lights up any zoom meeting and has a very happy overall presence. I’m a very logical thinker, and she has a very creative way of thinking about things which benefits the way we work together.

Jess is also thrilled about her new role – here’s what she told us:

I’m really excited about my personal progression at the company, but I love my team! Even before I became a Program Manager I always looked forward to being a person that any one of my team members can come to about anything.

We’re equally excited to keep working with Jess as a leader! If you’re eager to work with creative young leaders like her, head over to our careers page and submit an application.