This week on the Bandalier Blog, we’re celebrating the final Program Manager of this round of the New Leaders Series: Matt Doscas!

​Matt joined us in October 2020 as a part-time rep while finishing up school at Binghamton University. He’s represented the same client since he started, which is a testament to the resiliency he’s showed while calling into a difficult industry! According to Desiree DeNinis, who first managed Matt, he showed excellent leadership traits from the beginning:

He was always very reliable and extremely motivated. Any time that any of us needed anything at all, he had our backs no matter what.

One thing that Matt has consistently done to drive results for the entire team is test out new strategies. As a confident salesperson, he’s never been shy to dive into calls and switch things up with a unique intro or other creative techniques, and then share his results with the team! 

As Matt transitioned to a full-time Program Manager, he worked alongside Jarrod Pine to help lead Dylan’s Pod. When we asked Jarrod what it was like working with Matt, and he told us:

He’s a very hard-working person, and it’s been great to work with him because he’s always there to help out the team and is always quick to solve a problem.

Congrats again to Matt on his promotion! If you’re interested in working with talented young leaders like the ones in this Series, head over to the careers page on our website.