As our team winds down for a long weekend, we wanted to take a few minutes to highlight some team members who have been doing an amazing job – and who you probably haven’t seen on our social media feeds.

Don Crawford has been off to an impressive start. Since joining our team in the summer, he’s been polishing his sales skills, and his hard work has paid off. He’s booked 20 demos for his client in the last two months! When he isn’t making calls, he’s asking great questions during training sessions and meetings.

Titus Grant joined our team in the spring and has shown remarkable growth every month. He joined us with no sales experience – but you wouldn’t know it to listen to him now. He’s worked hard to build the skills he needs to succeed on one of our toughest programs. He hit a few snags as he got started, but corrected course quickly by working closely with his program managers.

Chris Sampson has been driving great results from an industry that hates hearing from cold callers (even more than most industries do). He’s built a strong relationship with his client and consistently receives glowing reviews. Plus, our Slack channels get great info as Chris travels. He’s one of the digital nomads on our team!

Ndamati Timothy is always popping up in our gong channel with stellar song choices. He contacts customer to assess their needs and make sure the platform they’re using is the best fit for their needs; oftentime, it isn’t. As a result, he’s helped than 200 people improve their experience since the start of this year – more than 20 per month! 

Tiyana King works alongside Ndamati – but she’s the one helping prospects get started. She joined our team with a wealth of sales experience, and has been leveraging it to deliver great results for her client. She often works in silence, but once a week or so our gong channel explodes with her success. 

Scott Upham joined our team recently, but he’s made a big impression. He works hard to make great calls, and quickly built a strong relationship with his client. He does an amazing job soliciting feedback from prospects and teammates alike. Scott also reminds our team to think positively and reframe tough calls as learning experiences – those reminders can go a long way in changing how your day goes. When he isn’t working with Bandalier, he’s running a community pantry from his front porch.

Adria Penna has been one of our top team members since joining Bandalier. She’s delivered great results and built strong relationships with her clients. Adria is always looking for ways to help out – whether that means working on building out marketing materials for her client or hopping on to help with interviews at Bandalier, she’s quick to volunteer. She’s also one of our go-to team members if folks are looking for NYC-based recommendations – she always has a restaurant or activity to suggest for her tourist team members.

Kate Conroy joined one of our customer service teams early this summer, and has done an amazing job building relationships with the folks she reaches out to. She’s been balancing her role with us while working towards her degree, and we’re looking forward to seeing how she keeps growing as she joins our people team. Her time management is impeccable. Kate has also been kind enough to grace our Slack channels with precious photos of her many pets!

Kelly Callahan has been making waves on one of our customer service clients. After helping launch the team early this spring, she did a great job fielding oddball questions and directing folks to the resources they needed. She was also one of the team members who volunteered to pivot to outbound calling to encourage her customers to use her client’s platform more often, and she’s been intensely successful. Over the last few months, she’s helped her customers move tens of thousands of dollars onto the client’s platform. Kelly’s work ethic is downright remarkable, and she’ll always go the extra mile to ensure the best outcome for her teammates and customers.

Myria Dotzman joined us with past sales experience, but pivoted her skill set to succeed in a customer service role. She’s shown spectacular growth since joining our team last spring, consistently topping her team’s leaderboard. Plus, she never misses an update – she keeps track of every change in process, asks great questions about them, and organizes the information to relay it to the rest of the team. If someone needs help, Myria will always be there to lend a helping hand.

Alejandra Salinas is an integral part of our recruiting and people teams – she’s the first point of contact for every person who has applied to join Bandalier. She’s spoken to more than 500 applicants just since the start of the summer! After speaking with folks for the first time, she’s responsible for coordinating the next steps of the interview process. Whether that means scheduling the next interview or letting applicants know that they won’t be moving to the next phase, she does it with great care.

Joe Wallace does an incredible amount of work behind the scenes for our team. As one of our Sales Operations Associates, he’s responsible for sourcing and organizing the mountains of data that our team uses for prospecting. Whether you need help pulling a new list of prospects or someone to help you configure a new sequence, Joe will be there to help. He’s always finding creative ways to deliver more data for his team – ultimately driving better results for our clients.

Logan Smith has been with our team since we were working in a physical office. His tech skills are second to none, and he knows just how to apply them. After an amazing tenure as a Sales Ops Associate, he moved into his current role as a Business Analyst. When the Client Delivery team is looking for high-level insight to bring to a client’s business review, Logan’s there to pull data from unexpected places and provide an unbiased view of how things are going on the program. If a Program Manager needs last-minute assistance with list-building or augmentation, he’ll jump in to deliver the information they need. 

​Big thanks are due to all of the team members who help build great programs at Bandalier! If you’re interested in working with our stellar sales teams, check out our website to learn more about our service offerings and career opportunities.