Over the last few months, you’ve followed the stories of Bandalier’s hustlers. From coffee to clothing, our team members are working on a little bit of everything! To wrap up the series, we wanted to shine the spotlight on each of our team members’ businesses one more time.

  • Connor Riley runs Two Mulligans, your one-stop-shop for all of your golfing needs! Connor built the business while hunting down his own great gear. Over the last few years, he’s grown from a few extra pieces on one side of his room to an entire rotating inventory. If you’re looking to invest in better golf equipment, you can reach out to Connor by emailing TwoMulligansGolf@gmail.com, reaching out on LinkedIn, or making a purchase directly on Mercari.
  • Jake Zall is constantly creating content to build a community of media lovers over at Pop-Corn Heist. As a member of our Sales Ops team, Jake is usually working in the background at Bandalier. When he’s writing for Pop-Corn Heist, he steps into the spotlight. Follow them on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to join the heist!
  • Dylan Smith is one of the owners and coaches at Apex Combat Sports, Binghamton’s premier martial arts academy. They offer classes for folks at all levels of expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned fighter or taking your first steps to get into fighting shape, their community is ready to help you succeed. You can get in touch with Apex and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Jarrod Pine offers comfortable, high-quality athletic gear through Vector Apparel. After hearing his co-workers’ and classmates’ complaints around the athleisure wear that was available, he decided to offer something new. To make your first purchase, head over to Vector Apparel’s website! You can also follow them on Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Teddy Boucard owns and operates Read Rose books in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Teddy and his partner, Elizabeth, founded Read Rose over the summer, and are putting down roots within their community. Read Rose offers books from every genre, from popular reads to rare finds! You can support their store by shopping on their website, or by following them on Facebook and Instagram
  • Leighton Blackwood owns and operates 2nd Heaven Bubble Tea every Saturday at the Broome County Regional Farmer’s Market! He spent months developing his recipe and building the business with his partner, and they’re excited to keep delivering the best bubble tea in Binghamton! Their drinks are available for delivery via GrubHub and UberEats, and you can connect with 2 Heaven on Facebook. When you try out his tea, make sure to leave a review on Yelp!
  • Colin Meagley runs Hustle Bean Coffee, one of the few coffee companies catering to hustlers. With beans roasted in small batches in Buffalo, Hustle Bean delivers the caffeine that we need to keep the grind going. Head over to the website to buy your first bag, and follow them on Instagram for more coffee news.

We’re delighted to work with so many entrepreneurs! Which business was your favorite to learn about? Let us know in the comments below! Stay tuned for our next blog series highlighting the experiences of our employees working with clients on our Talent as a Service program!