It’s time for the first feature in our Talent as a Service series! We’ll be featuring the team members whose talent shines through on these programs. Up first is Sheontee Cochrane!

Sheontee joined our team this summer after receiving a recommendation from a friend. As one of the introverts on our team, Sheontee knew that she would be stepping outside of her comfort zone for this role! With Desirée as her mentor and manager, Sheontee was able to excel quickly. The two built a strong bond, and worked together to continuously deliver stellar results on a tough program. As Sheontee said,

“I love working with Des… she helped me utilize the skills I learned in Bandalier University, and encouraged me to think outside the box, strategize, and test new ideas to improve our  outcomes. I’m an introvert by nature, so I had to learn how to be more outgoing and how to handle rejection, and Bandalier equipped me with the tools I needed to keep working through roadblocks.”

Sheontee has become famous on our team for her persistence – if a prospect asks her to call back, we know she’ll reach out almost daily until she reaches them! If she isn’t reaching prospects, she keeps trying – whether that means calling the same office a few times each day, or reaching out to a hundred different people before lunch, Sheontee is always pushing for better results. She and Des make a deadly duo – with Des’ famous fearlessness and Sheontee’s persistence, these two can reach even the most elusive prospects! Here’s how Sheontee described her growth over the past few months on our team:

“The company values self-improvement, and my team has given me the opportunity for growth. I am more outgoing, and I feel more empowered to embrace who I am – an assertive and strong person who is capable of relying on others when I need to. I am now an embodiment of my better self and working with Bandalier helped me get there. We have a supportive and reliable team – and it goes without saying that it’s refreshing to work in a supportive environment.”

We’re so glad to have Sheontee as a member of our team! If you’re interested in working with driven young professionals like her, head over to our website. We’d love to hear from you – whether you’re a driven young professional looking to build a career with Bandalier or a company hunting for amazing talent, we can help you grow alongside our spectacular salespeople.