Bandalier Success Story: Jess Kehoe

We’re back today with another feature in our alumni series! Today we’re featuring Bandalier success story Jess Kehoe. If she looks familiar, it’s probably because you saw her in our testimonial video – or maybe her past blog post.

Jess originally joined our team in Fall of 2020. She had an undeniably rocky start. It was her first sales role, and she was working on a handful of tough clients. In spite of the challenges she faced, Jess kept looking for the silver lining and finding ways to generate success. She continually came up with creative ideas, including power-posing before calls that she was nervous about (she won our monthly A/B Test Award for the data she collected on that test). Our team was impressed with her resilience and consistent work ethic, so when we saw a significant opportunity to grow with a new customer success client, we asked Jess to be one of the first reps on the team. 

New Opportunities

Jess started with the BlockFi team as one of five reps fielding inbound phone calls about their client’s cryptocurrency accounts. As demand for BlockFi’s interest accounts grew, so did the volume of inbound calls, and we suddenly needed to scale the team up to 20 people total. Jess rolled with the punches and took the lead training those new reps while maintaining her productivity. She compiled resources, built training tools, and worked alongside BlockFi and Bandalier’s leadership teams to make sure the expanding team was learning everything they needed. 

Her dedication and passion for supporting the team made her a natural choice for the Junior Program Manager role when it opened, and Jess continued to grow as she adapted to the role of Program Manager for the BlockFi team. She worked alongside her co-manager, Jeffrey Sexton, to help the team perform their best and ride the waves of inbound calls. When calls were coming in fast and furious during tax season or in response to a new promotion, Jess and Jeff worked together to make sure everyone had their questions answered clearly. Her infectious positivity lifted the mood in every meeting she joined, and Jess built strong bonds with the entire BlockFi team.

When Jess had the opportunity to join BlockFi’s team directly, it was a tough choice to make. But she seized the opportunity, applied, and joined BlockFi’s team in March of 2022! We were sad to see her leave but excited to see the work she does for BlockFi in the future. Jess is an incredible asset to any team, and we’re excited to see her growth throughout her career. 

Authored by Abagael Rudock

“Think small and act small, and we’ll get bigger. Think big and act big, and we’ll get smaller.” 

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