Bandalier University: Interactive Training

We’re back today with another feature on Bandalier U! We recently posted an overview of our training boot camp. For this installment in the series, we’ll be taking a deeper dive into our interactive content.

Online training resources are plentiful nowadays. Finding them is easy – but learning from them can be hard. According to the traditional model of the learning pyramid, students retain 20% or less of the material they learn through audio-visual instruction. For casual learners, video tutorials are a great tool to introduce new concepts. But for folks who are starting a new career path, they need more opportunities to practice what they learn.

When we take reps through Bandalier University, we do so in a collaborative setting. We start new teams in cohorts of different sizes, so that team members are always working to learn with their peers. After our Junior HR lead, Kaitlyn, welcomes them to the team, our trainees dive head-first into training. 

What Does Training Entail?

As our new team members work through the self-paced video modules of Bandalier University, they take plenty of breaks to review what they’ve learned. In their first few days, those review sessions are centered around small group discussions to reinforce the concepts they’ve learned. Once reps are confident in their understanding of the topics, they start practicing their new skills.

Our Learning and Development team takes each cohort of trainees through hours of interactive training during their time in Bandalier U. As reps practice their new skills, they build their confidence – plus, those new skills quickly become old habits. That means that by the time our reps make their first outbound calls, they’re familiar with the flow of the conversation and ready to make tweaks to improve their outreach going forward.

Authored by Abagael Rudock

“Think small and act small, and we’ll get bigger. Think big and act big, and we’ll get smaller.”

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